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Green Drinks Gathering February 2013 - BioGeometry!

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  • Natalie Debono
    *BioGeometry: the modern ancient science of form & harmony* * * * He who knows the law of vibrations, knows all - Hermes Trismegistrius* * *
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2013
      BioGeometry: the modern ancient science of form & harmony

      "He who knows the law of vibrations, knows all"- Hermes Trismegistrius

      Green Drinks Gathering February 2013

      Sunday 24th February

      4.30pm - 7.30pm

      Any one has a venue or venue contact for this event please?

      Kris Attard will deliver an fascinating presentation with slides about BioGeometry, including its origins, uses, research projects and the intriguing principles on which it works.

      Email:  info@... to reserve your place.

      BioGeometry is a fascinating subject that is gaining in popularity around the world. It combines ancient wisdom and modern research in a practical discipline that is aimed at bringing harmony into our body, our homes and our life in general, especially in these times of prevalent stresses such as pollution and electromagnetic radiation.

      It can best be described as ‘a modern alchemy of form’, for amongst other things, it uses shapes, colours, angles and proportions to create specific ‘qualities’ that can bring about harmony on different levels of being.

      BioGeometry was founded in 1984 by Dr Ibrahim Karim, a highly respected Egyptian architect. Through his research, Dr Karim brought together three important bodies of information: elements from the once secret temple sciences of ancient Egypt; the amazing research of the European radiesthesia scientists of the early 20th century; and his own important findings which brought it all together.

      Many projects have demonstrated BioGeometry’s efficacy, one of the most prominent being Dr Karim’s commission in 2005 by the Swiss government to neutralise the detrimental effect of electromagnetic radiation in two Swiss towns, Hemberg and Hirschberg. This project was a huge success, and a landmark on possible alternative solutions to modern technological hazards. Other projects were in the fields of agriculture, architecture and even medical research and disease prevention.

      About Kris Attard
      Kris Attard is an international personal development teacher who has been involved in the study of ancient wisdom and holistic science for many years.  He has been teaching since 1995 and has conducted workshops in 17 countries on intuition and mind training, sacred geometry, BioGeometry and related subjects. His clients have ranged from public to specialised groups including top international companies.  

      One of a handful of BioGeometry Instructors in the world, Kris is the first teacher of the subject in Europe, having trained and certified with the founder of BioGeometry, Dr Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt. He is also senior instructor of MindScape, a form of intuition training, and a certified trainer of de Bono Six Thinking Hats.

      Kris' diverse training background has included mind dynamics, gestalt psychotherapy, Feng Shui, Bau-Biology (building biology) and various spiritual and esoteric philosophies. He is the author of the MindScape Manual and is in the process publishing research on sacred geometry with regards to the Maltese temples.

      Kris Attard with Dr Ibrahim Karim

      Contact and Links
      Tel: +356 9944 4106
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