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Baħrija Permaculture Farm Visit: BOOK NOW!

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    *Open Day - Baħrija Permaculture Farm Visit*** * * * * *Dates: Sunday 11 & Saturday 17 March 2012* *Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm* *Meeting Point: Baħrija
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    Open Day - Baħrija Permaculture Farm Visit



    Dates: Sunday 11 & Saturday 17 March  2012

    Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm

    Meeting Point: Baħrija Playground

    Location: Baħrija Valley, Geodesic CAP Dome

    Events: Walk & Talk through farm, interactive discussions & exhibition of work.


    Please note that no pets will be allowed within the premises



    This project was set out with specific targets to inform about the CAP (Common Agriculture Policy) as well as ecological approaches to farming. It also aims to raise awareness to the wider public and bridge the gap between the city dwellers and the rural folk. This work has so far taken shape of exhibitions in agriculture and other informative events, innovative courses and workshops, information panels for countryside paths, literature brochures for the young and old and a relevant website updating the events and other work.



    We thus invite you to book your visit for anyone of these coming events. Bring your family and friends with you to enjoy a few hours with us while hopefully also experience something new. As the space is limited, booking is essential:  info@....  These events are free of charge yet donations will help further our common goal of Constructing A Resilient Future.



    Learn more about Permaculture:  permaculture.malta@...

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