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37330 November 10.30am Valletta

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  • Green Drinks Malta
    Nov 22, 2013

      Protest March for the Environment
      30 November

      If you cannot understand why permits are granted for high-rise buildings Malta does not need and cannot sustain, if you would like more to be done on air quality, mobility, green spaces ... then you should definitely join the protest march for the environment on Saturday 30 November at 10.30 am in Valletta.
      We all complain about the state of our environment. Rather than engaging in pointless armchair criticism, we should be out there, demanding that our right to a clean environment be respected.
      Can we afford to lose more public land to ruthless developers? Who really believes it is sustainable for Xemxija to double its population with 700 new apartments in Mistra? Who wants another eyesore in Ta' Xbiex with the planned 34-storey skyscraper? Didn't Valletta nearly lose its UNESCO World Heritage title because of the horrid Tigne towers? When are we going to learn? 
      What our country really needs is more investment in green technologies, green spaces, efficient public transport, bicycle paths, education ... Support the NGOs that are defending your right and that of your children to a brighter, healthier future, and join the march!