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365World-Wide March for FOOD AND SEED FREEDOM

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  • Natalie Debono
    Oct 10, 2013
      Although this comes at short notice, we would still appreciate that a number of us take part in this march.  Please spread the word.

      Namaste to our friends in Malta and those who we don't yet know, 
      this is an invitation to join a march of protest for OUR RIGHT TO FOOD AND SEED FREEDOM... 
      These movements will continue until these mega corporations no longer have control. 

      The great VANDANA SHIVA is urging everyone to join their local march against Monsanto so this is a WORLD-WIDE EVENT, THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th at 11am in Valletta and rise up. Let us all teach what we learn! 

      Any posters and banners will be greatly appreciated! PEACE, LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL.... 

      Please share with all your facebook friends and everyone you meet! Thanks for caring for Mother Earth and for all of human kind :-)

      why should I join this march? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-bK8X2s1kI&list=PL7973E596E40612F6