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350“Water in Malta – are we clutching at straws?”

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  • Green Drinks Malta
    Mar 18, 2013
              “Water in Malta – are we clutching at straws?”

      The presentation by Ing Marco Cremona on behalf of Malta Water Association will give an overview of the current state of water resources in Malta, the issues concerning the sustainability of the resources, and attempts to provoke the audience as to whether we have enough water to go around today, and in the future. Options for ‘survival’ will be provided.

      Afterwards we are invited by Sparkbow Ltd to their launch of the innovative  WaterRecycle System ® whereby grey water from showers and laundry can be reused for flushings and irrigation using an eco-friendly odourless disinfectant.  All invited for drinks.

      Saturday the 23rd March 2013 @ 7.30pm – 10pm
      Venue:  Obelisk Auctions GalleryVilla DrusillaNo 1, Mdina RoadAttard, Malta
      Book your FREE place asap: info@...

      Event organised by Green Drinks Malta