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projects in the philippines

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  • Marcus L. Endicott
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
      > Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 10:56:33 +0200
      > From: IsabelleLanfranconi <infos@...>
      > To: mendicott@...
      > Subject: projects in the philippines
      > Hello Marcus,
      > I am actually looking for one or two community-based tourism
      > projects in the Philippines. As we attend many forums and events
      > during the year and we try to promote an alternative way of
      > traveling to people that can really help the local population we
      > try to find the best ways to interest people. We already have
      > different materials as a movie presenting our project in Stung
      > Treng, a slide show, posters, leaflets...
      > Now we are preparing a game for children. It is a big map of the
      > world, which they will move on. They are going to travel to four
      > destinations and in each of them they will be asked a question on
      > the way they should better behave. They will also receive an
      > information card on the country, with facts, ways of behaving, a
      > small glossary, and 2 community-based tourism projects. That's the
      > reason why I am writing to you, though we already have some
      > addresses in the Philippines, we would like to know if you know
      > any specific project there?
      > We have 8 destinations in total (but the game is played by 4
      > children at a time and they go to 4 destinations): Europe: the
      > Alps and Lapland, Asia: Cambodia and The Philippines, Africa:
      > Senegal and Morocco, Americas: Nicaragua and Brazil. If you know
      > some REALLY interesting projects for these countries please let us
      > know.
      > Thank you very much for your help!
      > Best Wishes,
      > Isabelle Lanfranconi-Lejeune
      > Association, Tourism for Help
      > 81, rte de St.Georges
      > 1213 Petit Lancy
      > Genève
      > Suisse
      > E-mail: infos@...
      > Site: http://www.tourismforhelp.org
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