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Iran Sebt Tour Cultural Agency

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  • Marcus L. Endicott
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      > From: "IRAN SEBT TOUR" <info@...>
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      > Subject: Feedback-mg ( tour operator ) - special iran
      > Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 10:48:59 +0430
      > Travel is equal to live 2 times !!!
      > Have you ever gone to an ancient land for visiting and knowing the
      > remainder of the first human civilizations, cultural interchange
      > and the important religion conversation in the world, the land of
      > mythology, the land of art, flowers, literature and at last, the
      > kind people.
      > 1. Did you know the first Christian cultural Church (S .
      > Tadeos), is placed in this land ?!
      > 2. Did you know the oldest capital of civilizations conversation
      > and cultures exchange which have registered in UNESCO, is placed in
      > this land ?!
      > 3. Did you know that every one of thousands of items in the
      > Iranian National museum have been carefully identified and
      > authenticated?
      > 4. Did you know the capital and tomb of Federal arbitration and
      > originator of patent human law in 500 (B.C), is placed in this
      > land?!
      > 5. Did you know this land has the 14 of 15 climates which have
      > known in the world ?!
      > 6. Did you know the people of this land are originator of the
      > Caravanserai in route of famous roads like King road, Spices road
      > and at last, Silk road ?!
      > 7. And in the last but not the least, do you know the people of
      > this land are one of the most hospitable and the most warm-
      > heartedness, from thousandth and past centuries ?!
      > When you see the Western South Asia map, you get acquainted Plateau
      > of Iran which is end from North to Russia and from South to the
      > Persian Gulf and India Ocean.
      > The specialized Agency of Iran Sebt Tour, with having the
      > scientific and cultural experiences, would be good fellow-traveler
      > for you in your historic, cultural, archeology, architecture,
      > natural & adventural, educational travels etc.
      > We eagerly, wait to getting acquainted with you, in Iran and
      > welcome you to Iran in advance.
      > As we are glad to extend every possible service to our friends and
      > customers so please don't hesitated and contact us and give us your
      > travel date and duration, then we send you the itineraries and the
      > price or every information which you ask.
      > All the best
      > Mr. Saman
      > Iran Sebt Tour
      > Cultural Tourism Agency
      > E-mail: info@... / marketing@...
      > Website: http://www.iransebttour.com
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