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EarthFoot site-hit statistics

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  • Jim Conrad
    Hello Everyone: I want to share with you some data recently developed from our access logs for EarthFoot s Free Ecotour Posterboard at http://www.earthfoot.org
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
      Hello Everyone:

      I want to share with you some data recently developed from our
      access logs for EarthFoot's Free Ecotour Posterboard at

      One way visitors to our site can locate descriptions of very
      small scale, locally produced, low impact ecotours is to click on
      our world map to choose the continent on which they want to
      travel. Here is a breakdown of the percentages of hits each of
      those six continents receives:

      North America___ 26%
      South America___18%
      Europe________ 13%
      Africa__________ 18%
      Asia___________ 15%
      Australia/Oceania 18%

      Site visitors also can choose programs according to theme. Our
      fourteen tour themes are listed below, with the percentages for

      Birding_______ 9%
      Cultural tours_ 12%
      Ecology tours__ 9%
      Geology tours_ 4%
      Ecolodges____ 8%
      Hiking tours___ 7%
      Homestays___ 10%
      Oceanography_ 4%
      Photography___ 5%
      Plant life tours _ 7%
      Spiritual tours__ 5%
      Snorkeling tours 5%
      Trail rides_____ 6%
      Wildlife safaris 9%

      From these data we derive three main insights: First, there is a
      healthy interest in ecotours to destinations all over the world.
      No continent is seen as either a preferred destination or as
      being automatically disqualified from consideration.

      Second, the traveling public is receptive to many kinds of
      small-scale, locally produced, low-impact programs. Thus tour
      providers everywhere should be encouraged to be innovative, to
      think "outside the box," and to come up with new ideas, new

      Third, if you combine the two most popular themes, "cultural
      tours" and "homestays," you can see that EarthFoot's "people to
      people" slogan strikes a chord among site visitors. People like
      dealing with people.

      The first two insights can stand without comment, but I would
      like to expand on the third one.

      Nietzsche has said, approximately, that most people don't see
      something until it has a name. I propose that we as an industry
      use the name "people-to-people travel" as a banner to make small
      scale, locally produced, low impact ecotourism more visible.
      "People-to-people travel" need not be restricted to cultural
      tours. If a traveler deals with a local birding guide at a
      destination, for instance, that also is "people-to-people."

      Though more than once I have thought that I invented something
      only to find out later that someone else had brought it to light
      first, I think that the phrase "people-to-people travel" at least
      occurred to me independently, and I have not seen it used
      elsewhere. EarthFoot is not copyrighting this slogan and I invite
      anyone and everyone to refer to the concept "people-to-people
      travel" when promoting small scale, locally produce, low-impact
      sustainable ecotourism, all over the world -- with apologies to
      anyone else claiming to have invented the term.

      To increase interest in people-to-people travel we can also point
      out that for the general traveling public this kind of travel
      experience has become possible only since the Internet began
      reaching into some very isolated places. Check out EarthFoot's
      Africa section in particular to see some amazingly out-of-the-way

      After September 11, dynamics in the travel industry have shifted
      in a significant manner. People-to-people travel now more than
      ever is appropriate and doable.

      Jim Conrad
      EarthFoot's Free Ecotour Posterboard
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