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  • Valere Tjolle
    May 21, 2014
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      Hello Green travellers

      How many people know that it's Expo2015 in Milan next year? Scheduled to
      bring 20 million tourists and focused on food and sustainability - how could
      it miss? Neat combination of corruption and rubbish marketing really -
      that's how it could miss - still there's a little time left and that Nice Mr
      Renzi (translation Blair) is taking it in hand now the clock's ticking

      Interesting week - I heard Agenda 21 mentioned by a Eurocrat in Cheltenham
      (cheers!) and looked at a tourism project in Piedmonte where sustainable
      tourism and integration were in the same sentence. Wonders will never cease!

      I heartily recommend our website http://www.totemtourism.com interviews,
      stories, offers - worthwhile or they wouldn't be there!

      This week's news:

      The writing is on the wall. Tide of opinion rises against cruises:

      Tourism needs to help more than hurt. Partnership to keep kids safe from
      tourists: http://bit.ly/1ne2B7V

      Fun, inspirational and effective: Unique new destination marketing
      initiative unveiled: http://bit.ly/1lE4xQc

      Oxymoron or progress? Airline wins sustainability award:

      A free perception-changing opportunity for ANY destination - Keys to
      successful destination management revealed - get Free report:

      This is a heartwarming story: Lao Star is Asia tourism's face of the future:

      He¹s in his element in Milan! Prince Harry chats at expo 2015 event:

      The natural world - our most powerful ally: long distance travelers feed
      $55billion global ecotourism opportunities: http://bit.ly/1jClMpu

      Marketing is a very sustainable word! Want to get high-spending green
      tourists for your sustainable offer?: http://bit.ly/1gO2xJA

      Sensational scenery beckons. On yer bike: free-wheeling coast to coast in
      uk's Geordieland this summer: http://bit.ly/ShSW24

      Economic sustainability is important too - Sustainable ROI top of bill at
      masterclass: http://bit.ly/1oe5mTC

      That's it for today

      Comments, by the way always very, very, very welcome indeed.

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      members and at least one fascinating new sustainable tourism/real tourism
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      All the very best

      Ps check out http://www.totemtourism.com - it's a mine of sustainable
      tourism info -and offers

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