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  • Valere Tjolle
    Jan 8, 2014

      Two new report formats have been unveiled for the Sustainable Tourism Report

      All 5 reports scheduled for 2014 will now be created in three formats -
      personal destination versions, student versions and existing general

      Destination versions will be specially created for each destination
      subscriber and will outline specific information plus a series of
      report-based opportunities specifically for that particular destination

      Student versions will be particularly geared to student's learning and
      vocational needs and will provide special sections of background information
      related to each report subject.

      The suite will still include the general version, now in its 11th year
      providing comprehensive information for tour operators, travel agents, NGOs,
      tourism consultants - anybody who has an interest in sustainable tourism

      This year there will be three versions of each of this year's reports
      * Sustainable Tourism Ministers Briefing £100
      * Sustainable Destination Report £100
      * Sustainable Tourism Marketing Guide £100
      * Tourism & Carbon Market Guide £100
      * Tourism & Greenwash Report £100
      * Sustainable Tourism Report including SustainableTourism2014 Multimedia
      Report £250
      Total price as individual copies:£750

      The reports are published during the year at different stages so the news is
      always up to date, and you always have more insights to look forward to!

      There will be a special rate for those who subscribe for all the reports -

      EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER:  if you wish to subscribe, and pay during January, you
      may acquire all the reports the destination version, the student version OR
      the general version of each suite report published) for the concessional
      price of £400

      Just email to reserve your reports stating the format required (Destination,
      Student, or General)


      Other news:

      REVIEW OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM 2013: Just another carbon COP out:

      FAM ­ UNDISCOVERED TOURISM TREASURE CHEST 2014 Romagna FAM trips announced:

      NEW REPORTS FOR DESTINATIONS Bigger benefits for destinations, students and
      trade: http://bit.ly/1dvZaie

      THROUGH THE EYES OF REAL TOURISTS A new way to see sustainable destinations:

      GOING TO ITB THIS YEAR? ITB: make the most of your investment:

      Why not also tell your friends about 'A Vision for Sustainable Tourism'
      group at Linkedin and join it? WE now have ***OVER 3,500!*** professional
      members and at least one new sustainable tourism/real tourism discussion
      every day.

      Why not join our new linkedin group 'A Vision for Sustainable Tourism

      All the very best

      Ps check out http://www.totemtourism.com - it's a mine of sustainable
      tourism info

      Valere Tjolle ­ Principal
      Publishers of the annual Sustainable Tourism Report Suite
      Eagle House: Batheaston: BA1 7EH: UK
      T: +44 (0)1225 859388
      M: +44 7710 173005
      E: valere@...
      W: www.totemtourism.com
      S: valeretjolle
      TW: TotemTourism
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