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  • dianakg2003
    Stan, It truly is a difficult situation. Which is why I think we need to pray for help... In Terri s case there wasn t a living will (just her husband s
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 19, 2005
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      Stan, It truly is a difficult situation. Which is why I think we need
      to pray for help... In Terri's case there wasn't a living will (just
      her husband's statement, which emerged many years after her collapse)
      and the footage I saw on TV showed a woman who was awake and
      interacting with those around her, though she was clearly affected. I
      That was what prompted my post. I was surprised by what I saw- I had
      thought she was in a deep coma and had a living will. The news
      reported that suspicion had been raised of mistreatment by her
      spouse (apparently she had signs of numerous fractures that were
      unexplained) and her family feels he is afraid she may one day
      talk... In any case, I feel her mother's pain and can't understand
      why her husband wouldn't just divorce her and let her parents handle
      it...just sounds so fishy.
      I will pray for your situation too... We live in difficult times and
      the choices we face are really unbelievable.

      In XC, D.

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      > Dear Diana:
      > I truly do not know on which side I stand in the Schiavo case. I
      > to support life, but I have other questions which pull me towards
      > other way.
      > Last month, Father Steve in Muskegon was brain dead from a heart
      > attack. He had a living will that stated he did not want to be kept
      > artificially alive in a vegetative state. Presbytera Anne, as
      > executor, had to make the heart-wrenching decision of whether or not
      > to ask the physicians to remove the feeding IV's and let her husband
      > of 65 years die. She eventually did this, according to Father's
      > I kept wondering. Does this mean Father Steve committed suicide with
      > his living will? Does this mean Anne and the doctors committed
      > Knowing these people, this seems absolutely impossible.
      > My 84-year-old mother, Alexandria (pray for her), is going in for a
      > serious operation next week. I am the executor of her living will.
      > Like Father Steve, she does not want to be kept alive if she winds
      > in a vegetative state. I have told her I will honor her wishes; God
      > have mercy on my soul. I hope it doesn't come to that.
      > Stan
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      > >
      > > Please pray for Terri Schiavo and her family.... Pray for life...
      > >
      > > In XC, D.
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