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  • Father Ephraim
    Dear Stan, If you think it would help any adherents of the green book change their mind, please feel free to share with them my new article Concerning
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 30, 2006
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      Dear Stan,
      If you think it would help any adherents of the green book change their mind, please feel free to share with them my new article "Concerning Adaptation" at: http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/music/Adaptation.htm
      +Fr. Ephraim

      On 7/30/06, Stan Takis <takistan@...> wrote:
      In my last post I answered the following question...

      > >1) What if the priest is completely ignorant of the musical tradition
      > of the Church?  In other words, what if he wants trumpets and guitars
      > in the Liturgy, and insists on "re-arranging" the Sunday service to
      > the point that it borders on becoming unrecognizable?  It may be my
      > duty to be a servant of the Church and agent of the priest, but not at
      > the expense of our Faith.  A resignation letter would have been in the
      > works.

      ...in the following way.

      > *****This actually happened to me in my first job as a choir director,
      > only I didn't quit. I was fired. I didn't want to rehearse an English
      > arrangement of a hymn by my priest, because it was full of errors. My
      > priest took that as disobedience (which it wasn't, because I was
      > trying to propose that we work together to correct the errors, but I
      > was kicked out the door before I knew it.) Actually, that was a part
      > of a situation that was very complicated, but it was one of the things
      > that happened.

      I realized after I posted this that I made it sound like my former
      priest was ignorant of musical tradition. I should have mentioned that
      this priest was NOT ignorant of chant and tradition, (he was actually
      pretty good at it), but he felt that if you used English, you could
      break the all the rules you wanted to because the Greek melodies were
      the most important thing. He had no problem with the English in the
      Green Book, for example.

      When I said this happened to me, I meant that I had to leave my
      position over errors, but not because of ignorance.

      I HAVE met a few priests who, if they were not ignorant of the musical
      tradition, ignored it to the point where they may have seemed
      ignorant. These priests favor polyphony and organs because they feel
      it helps bring people into the Church. Many favor the Green Book
      because people already "know it." In my experience, no matter how many
      times they have heard it, people still have trouble singing the
      English in the Green Book because of misplaced accented syllables and
      strange repetitions of phrases.


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