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  • Spartakos
    Jul 26, 2013
      Today, I believe, we finished correcting, re-formatting, and updating the sheet music on www.newbyz.org. At this point, we consider the website complete as to its purpose--to provide church choirs and chanters with all of the hymns for festal and Sunday Divine Liturgies, and a broad selection of music for common services and occasions.

      This does not mean we will not be adding material to the website, but the primary work is completed. I hope to collate the hymns into books--a Menaion, a book of the moveable feasts (Triodion and Pentecostarion), a Holy Week book, an updated Divine Liturgy book, and a Service Book for the Salutations, Paraklesis, weddings, baptisms, and services for the dead. I would like to create an occasional music book with the fimis, psalms, and carols. These six books would contain in themselves almost all of the music from New Byzantium Publications.

      Our music continues to be both in Greek and modern, flowing, and poetic English which follows the rubrics of Byzantine chant, and in staff notation. Again, we copyright this music so that people will not alter it without our consent, and we authorize all people to download it from our website at no cost, and to make as many copies as is needed for your church.