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1100A milestone for newbyz.org

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  • Spartakos
    Jun 6, 2013
      I'm happy to announce that we have finished all of the hymns that were originally intended for this website. Now, almost all of the hymns a choir would need for a Sunday Divine Liturgy are up on newbyz.org. The only exceptions would be some of the lesser known church hymns (the naou), and the festal small entrance hymns (the isodikon) which are usually chanted by the priest.

      Our work is not finished, however. We will turn our attention to correcting errors in the older hymns and adding MIDI files. We also want to add those small entrance hymns, since some choirs do sing them. We will also put up any particular hymns or services that are requested of us or that we may think of.

      We would like to remind everybody that all of these hymns are in Greek and English, use traditional melodies, and are translated carefully according to the rubrics and traditions of the Church.