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1094Updates and corrections

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  • Spartakos
    Feb 1, 2013
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      I've begun to mark any pages that have corrections and have been uploaded to replace older versions. If a hymn has no mark in the lower right hand corner of the page, it is to be considered as version 1.0. If I make a minor correction to the hymn, I will increase the number to the right of the decimal point by one, and mark it in the lower right corner, e.g., "v. 1.1." If I make a major correction, I will increase the number to the left of the decimal point by one, e.g., "v 2.0."

      This way, if you have two versions of the same hymn that differ, you will know which one is the corrected version. We prefer you always use corrected versions. Major corrections will be reported here, and on our Facebook page:


      Speaking of updates, we have been steadily adding saints' apolytikia to the Saints page of newbyz.org. You can check it here: