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Save 50-75% on Flights and Hotels Using Special

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    Travel Agents are treated differently than the rest of us. And the reason is simple: The travel industry is a 4 trillion dollar a year business! With that kind
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
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      Travel Agents are treated differently than the rest of us. And the
      reason is simple: The travel industry is a 4 trillion dollar a year
      With that kind of money being spent on travel, you can just imagine
      the competition. The travel industry will spend millions on
      advertising and they'll do what ever it takes to get them their piece
      of the pie.
      It's a known fact; the travel industry survives on the business
      supplied to them by Travel Agents. And because so much of their
      business relies on Travel Agents, the travel industry treats these
      Travel Agents like royalty!
      In all honesty, if a travel related business or vendor is not known
      and utilized by the country's travel agents, their business will
      suffer tremendously. In other words, travel companies need Travel
      Agents to survive¡­their business depends on them!
      And most people don't know that becoming a travel agent is quick and
      easy if you know the secrets. In fact, with our exclusive insider
      information contained in the Travel Industry Secrets, you'll actually
      become a licensed Travel Agent in about twenty minutes¡­it's that
      quick and it's that easy!
      When you become a Travel Agent, new doors are opened and courtesies
      are extended to you, that everyday folks aren't privy to. Like I
      said, travel companies need travel agents and when you become one of
      them, you'll be showered with discounts and gratuities by way of
      deeply discounted and even free travel benefits.
      Just imagine setting sail on a Caribbean cruise this winter while
      everyone back home is shoveling snow and staying indoors, trying to
      keep warm. And not only are you enjoying the balmy breezes of the
      Caribbean, you're doing so for just $35 a day while the occupants in
      the cabin next to you are paying upwards of $200 each day for the
      same cabin, the same food, and the same service.
      Or maybe you just want to fly home to visit your relatives. Instead
      of paying $600 to fly across the country like you did last year, your
      ticket is discounted to only $285. And just before you board, you
      hear your name over the airline's loudspeaker, calling you to the
      ticket counter. As you approach, you are notified that your
      discounted coach ticket has just been upgraded to first class. Now,
      your $285 dollar coach ticket has a value of over $1,500 simply
      because you are a licensed Travel Agent.
      So, you arrive at your destination and make your way to the rental
      car agency. Before you left, you booked a standard size vehicle for
      50% off the published rate. Once at the counter, the rental agent
      advises you that you are entitled to a free upgrade and they ask if
      you're interested¡­.
      These are just a few of the courtesies that you'll find extended to
      you when traveling as a licensed Travel Agent. But they get even
      You see, the travel vendors - airlines, hotels, tour operators, car
      rental agencies, cruise lines, etc. recognize the benefits of having
      travel agents being familiar with the products they are selling. Its
      for this very reason that in addition to favorable rates and
      discounts, these same vendors also offer free familiarization trips
      to resort destinations, free dinners, free shows, and free cocktail
      hours to learn about vendor offerings.
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