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national law broken by Bush

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  • purplemoontide
    I. PHOTO OF BUSH WITH HUNTING RIFLE http://members.aol.com/rawpuscle/bush01.jpg II.
    Message 1 of 2569 , Dec 9, 2000
      <a href=http://members.aol.com/rawpuscle/bush01.jpg target=new>http://members.aol.com/rawpuscle/bush01.jpg</a> <br> II. BUSH CONTRIBUTORS AND AWARDS FROM SAFARI
      OF ANIMALS<br> <a href=http://www.congress.com target=new>http://www.congress.com</a> to stop
      importing of <br> slaughtered animals<br> George Bush Sr.
      will be the keynote speaker and Governor <br> George
      Bush an<br> award recipient of the Safari Club
      International, each <br> of whose <br> members<br> must kill 332
      different kinds of mammals to join.<br><br> The Safari Club
      website indicates the government has <br> once again<br>
      given them the green light to shoot and import Zimbabwe
      <br> leopards, <br> whose<br> severed heads are often
      mounted on the walls of hunters' <br> libraries.<br><br>
      III<br> BUSH KILLED TINY BIRD<br> Bush sighted his prey,
      leveled his shotgun and fired" <br> Excerpted from:<br>
      "Cash and Carry George W. Bush's environmental menace "
      <br> When George W. Bush made his first run for
      governor in 1994, he <br> invited a posse of reporters to
      accompany him on a bird-hunting<br> safari <br> into the
      wilds outside Austin. The quarry was supposed to be the
      <br> fearsome mourning dove. After tramping across a
      cornfield, Bush <br> sighted his prey, leveled his shotgun
      and fired, nearly <br> obliterating <br> his catch.
      Upon inspection of the remains, however, the
      soon-to-be <br> governor made a troubling discovery. He'd
      downed a killdeer, which,<br> as <br> any novice bird
      watcher knows, looks nothing like a dove-or any <br>
      other <br> game bird, for that matter. Indeed, in Texas
      the killdeer is listed <br> as a threatened species.
      Bush wasn't punished for<br> his <br> crime<br> IV
      CANNED HUNTS Most Republican governors (Bush Bush
      Pataki<br> Ridge Taft etc) have initiated canned<br> hunts
      for their NRA contributors. Canned hunts funnel<br>
      animals into 8 ft. or higher enclosures where the
      frighteneed<br> animals huddle against fences as insecure hunters
      get a guaranteed<br> kill, blasting away at the
      powerless victims.<br> V FROGSHOOTING PARTIES<br> The
      magazine Animal People of Washington stated that<br> the
      governor has hosted frogshooting parties on his ranch.<br>
      VI SUPREME BEEF OF DALLAS Bush has worked with
      Supreme Beef<br> of Dallas which has 15% of the nation's
      school lunch programs<br> VII AMARILLO CATTLEMEN Bush
      was silent when Amarillo<br> cattlemen sued Oprah
      Winfrey and tried to muzzle her right<br> to speak of the
      hazards of meat. <a href=http://www.madcowboy.com target=new>http://www.madcowboy.com</a><br>
      <a href=http://www.ivu.org target=new>http://www.ivu.org</a><br> MANY OF THESE SAME CATTLEMEN ARE CONTRIBUTORS TO
      HIS<br> CAMPAIGN <a href=http://www.opensecrets.org target=new>http://www.opensecrets.org</a><br> VIII Bush
      and his wife have campaigned for vivisection
      funds<br> for NIH, while being silent about the<br> dairy
      and meat which cause breast, uterine<br> and prostate
      cancer <a href=http://www.pcrm.org target=new>http://www.pcrm.org</a><br> IX The GOP and Republican
      trustees are<br> pawns of the pharmaceutical industry
      in<br> promoting painful research on animals<br><br><br>
      Father Mother God thank You that with Your<br> lightning
      bolts of supernatural power You<br> are removing from
      political power Jeb and<br> George Bush, Strom Thurmond,
      Scalia, Rehnquist,<br> O'Connor, Thomas of the Supreme
      Court,<br> Jesse Helms, Kay Hutchison, Orrin Hatch,<br>
      Sanders Sauls and all other pawns of cruelty
    • lawgrrrl99
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      Message 2569 of 2569 , Dec 20, 2001
        Hey guys, just thought I'd share the wealth with this discount code good for 10% off at BarristerBooks.com. The code is SAV4008 and it expires 1/7/02. Enjoy!
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