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Re: [greatlakesroads] OH Rd Trip VII - Youngstown & NW - the retakes

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  • Sandor G
    ... From: Marc Fannin To: Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 8:57 PM Subject: [greatlakesroads] OH Rd
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      Subject: [greatlakesroads] OH Rd Trip VII - Youngstown & NW - the retakes

      > I posted the following to misc.transport.road earlier:
      > Sandor Gulyas came up to Northeast Ohio today (13) to visit some
      > people so he asked me to help out with Ohio Road Trip VII, which
      > essentially was a trip to retake some of the bad photos from the March
      > 2000 Road Trip III in Youngstown
      > http://www.roadfan.com/triprep.html
      > plus a few other local detours. This time around there wasn't a cloud
      > in the sky (weather was the problem with the last trip, not the right
      > film to adjust for the thick cloud deck that rolled in at sunset,
      > though this time around sun glare gave us problems a couple of
      > times...but we also got some nice foliage). Photos were all taken by
      > Sandor's cameras and will be developed in the near future.
      > Starting/ending point: Hiram (Jct. Ohio 82/305/700)
      > Basic route (some small deviations, especially in Youngstown):
      > SR 700 NB to SR 87 EB to SR 608 SB to SR 528 SB to Parkman-Nelson Rd
      > SB (south continuation) to SR 305 EB to Warren-Burton Rd EB (old US
      > 422) to US 422 EB through Warren into Youngstown...
      > Lots of circular routes around Youngstown, most involving the I-680/US
      > 422/US 62/SR 7/SR 193 downtown loop and and others involving at-grade
      > US 422 and I-80/SR 11 ( http://www.roadfan.com/yngrd.html has details
      > from the previous excursion)...
      > Then I-80 WB to SR 44 NB then cutting the corner on local roads to SR
      > 82 EB.
      > (This entire route is within the pp. 42-43 spread of the Ohio DeLorme
      > atlas if you're following along, convenient for writing this report
      > :) )
      > Details of note:
      > - Many end photos
      > - Photos of the only two-lane US 422 between Cleveland and Youngstown
      > (4 miles around the SR 700 section)
      > - Middlefield NW bypass construction (I also have photos from earlier
      > in the year to be developed) - no word as to any route designation
      > - Many shields in Parkman (Jct US 422/SR 88/168/528)
      > - Tried photographing US 422 between Parkman and SR 282 where the EB
      > alignment is much more hilly than the WB (original vs addition) -
      > we'll see how it comes out....
      > - Nothing much of note in Warren except a relatively new SR 82 shield
      > east of downtown which looked like it was made in a year more recent
      > than when SR 82 was moved to the bypass, plus a SR 422 error where old
      > SR 5 met it and SR 169 on the east side of town
      > - Nothing much more than the sign etc retakes in Youngstown, with the
      > major exception of exploring current/under-construction SR 711
      > ( http://www.roadwise.org/default.asp?
      > ...I'll let Sandor explain this one :) Otherwise, the only other
      > mention is that an erroneous US 289 shield within the downtown loop
      > spotted on Road Trip III was gone (no doubt due to a pavement milling
      > project on the western part)
      > That's all from my perspective...I will send this now so it's waiting
      > for Sandor when he gets back to Columbus :)

      I'm sure you've all been holding your collective breaths waiting for my
      Route from C-bus to Hiram - I-71 N to I-271 N to US 422 E to OH 700 S
      Route from Hiram to C-bus - Oh 82 W to OH 44 S to I-76 W to I-77 S to I-277
      W to I-76 W to I-71 S

      I-71 construction update - From US 30 to US 250 widening should be completed
      next year. From Oh 539 to Wayne/Medina Co line widening should be completed
      in two years. ODOT appears to be getting ready to start on widening from
      Wayne/Medina Co line to I-76/US 224 next year. Finally, no construction at
      I-71-Oh 18/I-271 for the first time in 4 years!

      Otherwise, had to check out the Middlefield bypass after Marc had told me
      about it.
      Took a bunch of photos of DT Parkman (which has as many parks as it does
      businesses there now).
      Found it funny that ODOT put reasurrence signs for Oh 282 within eye sight
      of it's northern terminus @ US 422.
      Nelson has a traffic...diamond. Sort of a traffic circle, but the entry
      points are more pointed than your normal traffic circle.
      Stoped at Nelson Ledges Road Course (because I wanted to. I wanted something
      to remember it by since my family "owned" the track during the 70s and 80s)
      Stopped to get a photo of Delightful Cemetary (along Old US 422).
      Warren uses the quadrant system on it's streetsigns (Ex: Parkman Rd NW)
      While photographing said US 422 error sign in Warren, someone (other than
      Marc) yelled at me (Just screamed, "Hey You!").
      Does anyone know, was Oh 169 a previous routing for US 422 through Niles?
      As Marc said, we circled Youngstown several times in an attempt to find
      corrections for some of our earlier photos.
      Appears that some signage on the Youngstown loop has been updated, or at
      least changed (saw several "oversized" US 422 shields on BGSes)
      I did some exploring along Division St (Marc chickened out). Walking along
      Oh 711 over the Mahoning River to near US 422, I photographed some of the
      old signs along the way and photographed some of the old bridges of Division
      Sts past.
      So there is original Division St (18__???), Division St ext. (circa 1930?),
      and Division St Expwy (195_????).
      We tried to photograph some of the current constrution to connect Oh 711
      from US 422 to I-80/Oh 11 but did a lousey job on that part. Too many
      closed streets/blocked views, construction workers, and US 422 (Federal St)
      was milled for future paving so we couldn't get any good shots from along
      there. Maybe if I went on a weekend, I would have better luck investigating
      (that's how I had my good fortune photographing Spring-Sandusky here in

      Also saw an old brick alignment of Oh 44 at the south edge of Mantua

      Hopefully we provided enough to get a Ohio roads thread started. :-)

      Sandor G
      Don't ask me what I think of you,
      I might not give you the answers that you want me to.
      -- Fleetwood Mac
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