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  • amberlea_munson
    Aug 13, 2008

      My name is Amberlea. I am a mother of one. My husband and I decided
      last fall that we were going to home school our son but then gave in to
      societal pressures and enrolled him in public school for kindergarten.
      Within a few months all of us were regretting the decision but felt
      that it was best to finish the school year. We will be starting school
      next week.

      I'm hoping to make some friends here. I was wondering if there are any
      groups that get together during the school year for activities, field
      trips, etc?

      Also, I am certified to teach math in an adult education setting. I am
      working on getting fully certified to teach 9-12 math. If anyone is in
      need of a math tutor, please let me know.