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  • mysterygravity
    This is to start a discussion on the subject of Gyroscopes and Gyroscopic forces . There is a wide application range for Gyros, from simple stabilization to
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                  This is to start a discussion on the subject of Gyroscopes and Gyroscopic forces . There is a wide application range for Gyros, from simple stabilization to maintaining attitude and positioning in space as well as orientation devices for flying aircraft through white-out conditions, where without such a device, guessing would be a shorter than expected journey. Then there are those that believe that Gyroscopes might have an ability to be utilized eventually as part of a system of propulsion, maybe even through space (wink) ;) .Gyro's and tops have been known from ancient times as toys and even methods of divination, and gambling on various outcomes. My main interest is in the scientific study and applications of these devices, and to complete the scientific formulation on "HOW" these devices work , going beyond the descriptions, as they stand now, and into the space-time revelations that I believe are part and parcel of our understanding of this force and it's very real relationship to reality. But first I'd like to let us start out easy and give some of our own personal experiences with gyros and theories as we might have, and wish to relate.
               First let me give some links , to various videos and related devices to wet your thirst and then the forum will be open for whatever and wherever we wish to spin our concepts, so to speak...
      Here is a link to a video of an Astronaut playing with a toy gyro in space;
      Here is a link to a video of a normal bike wheel being employed as a gyro;
      Here is a link to a video of a self rightness Top (tippe top);
      And here is a video to a Gyro Magnet demonstration;

      Perhaps one of the best sites on the web at this time for information about gyroscopes is;
          They have a wide variety of Videos that you can review, with a large number of Eric Laithewaite videos. The links to the downloads are hidden in the written comments on the front page of this site with only light highlighting , so you have to look for them, and the videos are big. All together there have to be 100's of MB's of gyroscope demonstrations, and even the copy of the near famous "Heretic" Video, all for educational purposes.This is a site that is well worth taking the time and making sure you have not missed anything including the propulsion pages, I was amazed how many of the same experiments that I have conducted were conducted there as well. Very well thought out designs and concepts, in fact I am beginning to wonder if they have done any of my more advanced designs, which I have never published, and if they have, they are not publishing either, Hmmm. Highly recommended !!!!
         Guess I should mention that related to this site is a site where they actually sell Gyroscopes and other devices that might be of interest at;
      It has a wide variety of high grade gyroscopes and other scientific demonstration devices that are well worth review.They have some very interesting "levitation" devices that will certainly make other's look twice, and these are not fake smoke and mirrors, they are actually made to hover in mid air through the application of electromagnetics. Very Interesting. The future is now.

      Mystery   B-)

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