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Re: Don't use this one! (a schematic)...

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  • Jim S
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2012

      --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, "Norman Swartz" <vecr@...> wrote:




      Almost got me with this one, at first considered it just an ordinary diagram by that Archvillan the Scribbler! Perhaps it seemed to be a schematic of dastardly intent (an anti BatSignal Signal). But after closer review I knew this was far more dangerous; we all know that 2 negatives as in ( not not )  cancel each other out, The ol Double negative gets em everytime. (in Mad Scientist Speak) 2b/-2b = ? Some declare such formula as being out of good form of course, after all 1/1=1, 2/2=1, 3/3=1, Google/Google = 1 and so on but 0/0 = ?, mathematicians are not so smart when reality shows a definite break with reality. Lucky that brilliant minds long ago dismissed the possibility of true nothingness so we all seem to have something, no matter what, or whatnot. How this applies to breaking the rippling bonds of Gravity, ah there is the real crux! Hmmm, now lets see Anti/Anti=, hmm how about -/- = ?  Oh Norman, see what thoughts you have generated, and I know for a fact that you are a well respected mathematician, why just the other day I was thinking about two rare Earth magnets placed with like polarity facing each other within a pair of non conducting tubes with coils wrapped around both tubes and a diode inline with each so that the physical repulsion would act as a shock absorber and the induced current in the coils would supply power to the battery of the electric vehicle. Too bad the roads are in such good condition. Oops let another billion dollar concept slip the surly bonds of financial stock and published yet again in the public domain.

          Well I am not going to let that big kitty outta the bag on this schematic, great for giggles n grins of course, everyone just set your internet security systems on "Absurdly High" and click on that link and go where ever you may end up, but just to keep things exciting, after you end up wherever that link takes you, whatever you do, don't click on "DOWNLOAD" in the upper right, rather click on VIEW in the upper Right. Bwahahaha. But maybe if you want to be extra careful go to the windows update on your computer,especially if you don't allow any updates without your review. I think you will be surprised to see your computer was hacked by MS and they gave you updates you never agreed to and a very unlucky few even got Skyped. Same MS update location that someone used to release Flame on the poor confused Iranians that have been eying their pigeons in the park very carefully.

      :-?Oh the mystified world of the Mad Scientists and Mathematicians, #-oso many perfectly good scientific discoveries right out in the open, but only the genius knows for sure.  Remember July the 18th is MadScientist Day in some parts of the world, so don't forget your co-conspirators.

         In a slightly darker vein the US has been declared in default in the criminal investigations of Yourfilehost and Megaupload, however the FBI has gotten all the backups of files and hard-drives ever so slightly confused, and so reclaiming any of your backups or scientific disclosures may be a tad difficult. Making matters even worse is the fact that especially in New Zealand where Megaupload had their headquarters and Computers/servers and so forth, I think that nation is also a binary bit upset since our legal forces did take everything they could get, A tangled Web indeed. I think all our dead links to technical data have been removed from our links section, our links section has always been public, but I had to delete deadlinks, and we do need to consider other backup means for our research, suggestions are welcome, just remember if you post anything in a file storage site to share with other members, you must own the rights to distribute your research or technology or the link will be removed if anyone claims copyright infringement. I am very happy with our membership as to this time as we have never had any claims of copyright abuse here, honesty is always a great policy.

      In the meantime as my ol friend Ron used to say;" keep smiling, it will make others wonder what you are up to!":p

      Mystery B-)

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