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  • Jim S
    It seems that our homepage at our group may have suffered some posting issues this week. Here is an explanation from Yahoo Groups as to what is going on so
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2011

         It seems that our homepage at our group may have suffered some posting issues this week. Here is an explanation from Yahoo Groups as to what is going on so everyone that may have lost some postings will better understand;

      "Because of a problem related to the fix to our MTA servers last week, one of the servers, which was supposed to be fully offline, was still accepting messages (but not sending them out).

      As a consequence, approximately 7% of messages that entered Groups last week were never actually posted to the group archive or distributed via email. This includes messages that were sent via email, through posts on the site, as well as messages that moderators approved.

      The good news is that the problem should now be fully resolved and no messages sent today (7/18) should be affected. In addition, the messages that were stuck on the "out of rotation" server are being posted to the group archive and emailed out.

      The bad news is that because of the sheer number of messages that were stuck, it's going to take at least another day for these messages to all be sent and some of the sent messages will then have been delayed for up to a week. Plus, given this long delay, some users will have reposted the messages themselves to the group already, which means that the delayed message will then seem like a duplicate when it arrives.

      Our apologies for any inconvenience and confusion caused by this error, which was ultimately caused by the combination of the mistake with the server and a failure of the monitoring systems meant to detect such problems. We are already in the process of reviewing our systems to make sure a mistake like this never happens again.

      - Yahoo! Groups Team"

          This is a shame as we haven't had much action at the group lately and then when quite a bit of data is added this issue came up. I'd give some time for messages and data in transit to be posted , however if it does not show up soon then you may have to repost. Also notice that quite a few new files have been added to our files area at the files link in the blue bar on the left hand side of our main group page. This area can only be accessed by members and these new files have some very interesting data for review, so be sure you are signed in when trying to view these files. The main Group page is;


      The files page is;


      When searching the files for the newest files that were added this week it is best to go by dates added. Many of these files were pdf or doc files and if you have a slow connection then these may take time to load also, if using Windows you can right click and then select "save as" for easier review as a permanent document. Most PCs can read pdf files however some have issues with doc files and you may need to download a small program to view them with. If you have office that likely can read doc files. I did read the files and must admit there are some interesting perspectives in discussion. Sorry about Yahoo's tech issues, but these things happen.


      Mystery B-)

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