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Re: SN GYROSCOPE Design on ISS may endanger Shuttle and Space Station

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  • Jim S
    This upcoming mission of the Shuttle to the ISS will at last address many of the issues that have been ongoing and of major concern to me. For many years I
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 15, 2009

          This upcoming mission of the Shuttle to the ISS will at last address many of the issues that have been ongoing and of major concern to me. For many years I have had fears that the poor design of the CMGs (Gyroscopes) on board the ISS could end up in disaster. Well this launch is not only going to bring up a spare CMG, it's taking up two spares! I am very happy that NASA has decided to do this.They have also adopted some of my suggestions about making some smaller gyros eventually that could be lifted by smaller craft.

          Will be a shame to lose the Shuttles when they are retired, because they were unique in their ability to lift so much mass into orbit. Nothing else is big enough to lift one of those massive gyros, let alone 2 of them. So we will lose an important space exploration tool when the Shuttles are gone. Here is a link to one story about this mission, and a few quotes from the link for your review;

      Atlantis mission to fortify future of the space station

      "With just six missions left on NASA's shuttle manifest between now and the end of fiscal 2010, Atlantis' mission is one of two devoted primarily to delivering critical spare parts and equipment - orbital replacement units, or ORUs - that are too large to be delivered by European, Russian or Japanese cargo ships.

      Mounted on pallets in Atlantis' payload bay are two spare control moment gyroscopes, used to control the station's orientation in space; a high pressure oxygen tank for the station's airlock; and a spare pump module, nitrogen tank and an ammonia reservoir for the lab's cooling system.

      The pallets also carry a replacement robot arm latching end effector, or mechanical hand; a spare power cable spool used by the arm's mobile transporter; a solar array battery charge-discharge unit; and a device used to prevent potentially dangerous electrical arcs between the station and the electrically charged extreme upper atmosphere."

      Mystery B-)


      --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, "mysterygravity" <mysterystevenson1@...> wrote:
      Again the CMG's are becoming an issue on the ISS. Again I feel it
       is possible to supply supplimental gyroscopic systems before it is too late, if that is within our political will. The issues are being blamed
      on computer glitches and on and on, but stresses on the entire station
      are being "amassed". Here is a current link as to breaking news,but
      think there will be more;
      There is more about recent testing of the one down CMG and yet sources
      are continuously mentioning the 4 Gyro system as though all
      function...See near the end of this BBC story;
      Here are some older links to our posts on similar subjects ;

      Please note that there is a copy of one of my communications to NASA
       concerning this issue from last year in our private files area in the
       "Time Capsule" in the group. Also in the public links area of the group is a link to a free video link with it's own player that has as one of
       it's channels a NASA link for live viewing of what is happening.There
       are continuing issues almost hourly and so am holding back on
       indications that are now unfolding...
      Note ; unrelated that a sister group to this group has been
       started and soon will release invitations to join in the expansion.
      Mystery [B-)]

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