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  • Jim S
    GRAVITY NEWS 11 Gravity news resumes as before... . Miniature gravity detector could peer inside planets.
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                                        GRAVITY NEWS 11

           Gravity news resumes as before...


             Miniature gravity detector could peer inside planets.
      PEERING beneath the surface of Mars and other planets to reveal buried geological features could get easier, thanks to a nifty new silicon gadget.
      The device, called a gravity gradiometer, has been designed to measure how much the force of gravity changes from place to place, enabling it to map a planet's gravitational field

      NRAO Discovery Explains Gravitational Phenomenon
      "Measuring the curvature of space caused by gravity is one of the most sensitive ways to learn how Einstein's theory of General Relativity relates to quantum physics. Uniting gravity theory with quantum theory is a major goal of 21st-Century physics, and these astronomical measurements are a key to understanding the relationship between the two," said Sergei Kopeikin of the University of Missouri.

      Celestial 'surfing' offers hope of cheap and efficient space travel
      He added: "I like to think of them as similar to ocean currents, except they are gravitational currents." Just as ships could drift around the world on ocean currents, so spacecraft could coast the solar system. "You could do it essentially for free, just using a little bit of fuel for course corrections," Professor Ross said.

      Some interesting concepts for review in interstellar propulsion;

      Qinetiq to supply propulsion system
      Qinetiq announced today it will supply a solar-electric propulsion system for the European Space Agency's (ESA's) BepiColombo spacecraft mission to Mercury.
      The defence company has been awarded a £23m contract by EADS Astrium to provide the technology.

      Extensive Spiral Corrugations (Saturn's rings, gravitational effect)
      These images and others like them are only possible around the time of Saturn's equinox which occurs every half-Saturn-year (equivalent to about 15 Earth years). The illumination geometry that accompanies equinox lowers the sun's angle to the ring plane, significantly darkens the rings, and causes out-of-plane structures to cast long shadows across the rings. Cassini's cameras have spotted not only the predictable shadows of some of Saturn's moons (see PIA11657), but also the shadows of newly revealed vertical structures in the rings themselves (see PIA11665).

      GOCE Delivering Data For Best Gravity Map Ever
      Following the launch and in-orbit testing of the most sophisticated gravity mission ever built, ESA's GOCE satellite is now in 'measurement mode', mapping tiny variations in Earth's gravity in unprecedented detail.


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