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Re: Anti-gravity / Perpetual Motion CHALLENGE

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  • mysterygravity
    Hello Michael, This sounds like an intriguing offer to the group and others. I have often wondered how a real operating Gravity defying invention could be
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      Hello Michael,

      This sounds like an intriguing offer to the group and others. I have often wondered how a real operating Gravity defying invention could be safely disclosed without losing the rights. Actually "Gravitationally Interactive Propulsion Device" would perhaps be closer to a technical description.Of great concern to me is the potential of fraud using magnets to cause an object to hover employing opposing magnetic fields. Rare Earth Magnets have become so powerful and there are a number of tricks now being employed (W videos) to amaze the gullible.This is a major issue perhaps as some inventors do claim to employ magnetic fields to interact with gravity, and so how to distinguish between the fraud and the honest may be an issue.I personally do not use magnetic fields per se in my gravity research, but do employ electricty which would have a minor magnetic signature.

      In the past I have considered perhaps in the prescence of witnesses to place the Gravity Propulsion Device (with covered operational parts) within a plastic bag, as gravity can easily penetrate such coverings. By covering the object with a bag it will remove possibility of airflow causing lift. And then taking the object to an outdoor area of the observers choice so that there can be no chance of there being an underground electromagnet that could be remotely switched on by the person demonstrating their invention. Of course different concepts may need fine tuning of the situation, that must be considered. Devices able to detect magnetic fields would need to be present as well as video camera to provide secure unedited imagery.The object would need to be lifted by the witnesses to assure that some switch is not made from a heavier than air device to a lighter than air device as well.Of course no matter how careful the tests everything would still be questioned afterwards, no doubt.

      I noted in your post these words; "You can't make any money on this open-source site but you CAN at least get full credit for having invented the new product or device." I would like some clarification on that statement for although I think I understand the intent it could be misunderstood by some of our members. What I am speaking of is that this in no way implys that the inventor could lose the rights to making money with their invention by disclosing their idea on the site. However I do understand that disclosure in the public can cause some clocks to begin ticking at the commerce dept's patent site, but I am not up to date on that. Perhaps you could explain that if you have any info.

      I should note that another member of another group I run created "an acid test" for such a device as what we are talking about, he allowed for even minor results such as deflection from a direct hanging device to some degrees away from gravity source below. While that might allow for even greater fraud, it would be a good indicator for progress as a test for the inventor to employ while doing research and so can be reviewed by any of our members  at this link;






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       --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, "Michael
       Dennis Grissom" inventorgrissom@ wrote:

      IF anyone ever truely accomplished working anti-gravity or perpetual
       motion, why wouldn't they create an inexpensive audio/video demo to
      prove it to a point that would entice investors, engineers, and
      scientist to come for a live demo and test it? These videos can
       usually be done without disclosing HOW it works (patentable details).
      All of the videos I have seen thus far (and I've seen most) always
      fail to show under the table, or use transparent plastic or glass
       supports and table top to reveal there are no hidden wires or power
      sources or lighter than air gasses within, or conveniently NOT show a
       full 360 degree walk-around the prototype hinting that they are hiding
      something. Only an idiot would take these would-be inventors seriously
      if these inventors?.. can't even produce a simple relieving audio
       video (without showing patentable details) to prove there are no
      tricks involved.
      I have over 20 years experience graphically illustrating in 3D and
       making videos of inventions without disclosing or making obvious any
      patentable details.

      I OFFER FOR FREE -- to sign a non-disclosure and make a completely
      convincing demo video of any anti-gravity or perpetual motion device
      for attracting investors AFTER my own on-phone and then on-site
      thorough testing (debunking) is complete.
      NOTE: If you ARE using a "trick" I WILL find it and disclose that
      trick to all relative sites on the internet along with your photo and
       contact details. There's not many things I hate more than the people
      who perpetrate scams! If you're not a scam you have nothing to fear
      and I'm not only ready to roll but just as excited as you are. 
      I believe both of these inventions are possible -- I just haven't seen
      one yet. Show me!

       Please feel free to copy/paste my "challenge" above to all relative
       websites or in any relative video comment sections.
      Oh.. and you don't have to worry about me stealing your invention. In
      my 45 years of inventing I have documented 1,009 inventions in my
      book. I don't put them in my book unless I'm positive they would
      succeed. I'm fully funded and have seven patents in process at this
       writing. At age 62 I can't possibly process and market more than 100
      or so. So, I teamed up with the founder of CreativityPool DOT com
      (Steve) and he created wikinventions DOT com where I intend to dump
      (royalty free) as many of my inventions as possible before I die. It's
       a place to submit inventions to be 'open sourced' for development --
      NON PROFIT. After all, what could I possibly gain by taking them all
       to the grave with me? You can't make any money on this open-source
       site but you CAN at least get full credit for having invented the new
      product or device. 

      I'd much rather give someone 100 of my inventions than even consider
      taking on one of theirs... nuff said.
       For the record.. of my current 1,009 inventions, not one has anything to do with anti-gravity or perpetual motion so there's no need to worry about conflict of interests.

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