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Re: Group Update, Solar Powered Craft, Security concerns.

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  • mysterygravity
    This is just to announce that the solar powered craft mentioned in the below post has made the journey and actually proved the great potential of use of solar
    Message 1 of 2 , May 14, 2007
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            This is just to announce that the solar powered craft mentioned in the below post has made the journey and actually proved the great potential of use of solar power in ocean going vessels, Here is a link to a news story about the voyage;


           Also if you go to the link below about the craft there are new updates that bring all up to speed on this story. This is a proof of concept that points in many directions, on Earth, and hopefully on into space as well, as the conversion of electrical energy into propulsive force in space is demonstrated. Wonderful. The Sun shines on us all. The best things in life are free...

      Mystery B-)



      --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, "mysterygravity" mysterystevenson1@...> wrote:

                         GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION GROUP UPDATE :     1
          As promised, a short update on group activities, however keeping with confidential nature of some of the members requests, will leave some of the update to each person's private review of records in posts and links. Quiet Acknowledge...
      First, in our files section is a record of some of the posts of earlier incarnations of this group. Included in these records is a partial copy of some of the post " The Time To Build a Ship Has Come." , Well someone has, at least partially built such a craft !!! Yes a Solar Powered Vessel is going to attempt a first Solar Powered crossing of the "great sea". Here is a link to the mission;

      This is a fully independent mission, with no connection to our group, and does not incorporate the air tight modular, and alternative propulsion systems, but will if a success, demonstrate solar potential of craft propulsion concepts, independent of outside introduction of fuel. This is of interest, and wish them great success in their venture.  Also, as part of our update is a focus on security issues, and has been mentioned before, this organization to help web sites under muffling tactic application of the internet laws;

       I want to further add this recent blog on tactics to use various minor program tags to trace every movement of everyone on the internet, this really effects every member here and anyone using a public email address, the most vital parts are well into the blog;
      I will shortly be announcing a new angle. Also wanted to review the small work /post on inertia, that includes the short Inertia Video I made on;
        Perhaps of most import is to repeat the idea of private review of our records, as you will, and a reminder of our PBWiki and the movement of many of our Data files there at; 

        I know I am leaving much out, but it is needed to be thus at this time. There are clues tho. Oh I appreciate any feedback on the Mad Scientist Radio Station. To understand the concept , there is a post at ;
      But if you want to just rush in and check it out without warning, go to;
      (Hint, it helps to hold down your Ctrl Key) Good Luck, LOL.
       Well more than enough for now, don't want to bore you with details, you
       can go as far as you wish, (upon a star).

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