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Re: S? Cold Fusion , About to become news again???

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  • mysterygravity
    Whoa , as Robin Williams would say; Deja vu { Nikola, Have been there done that. In fact consider it standard operating procedure at most universities
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 4, 2007
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          "Whoa" , as Robin Williams would say;  "Deja vu"

        {     Nikola,

          Have been there done that. In fact consider it standard operating procedure at most universities where proffessors are so dripping with old beliefs that they wouldn't consider a new Idea if it bit them. Of course they can profit off of their student's new ideas if the students litterally need to shove it down their throats. Well, I may be over dramitizing a bit...naw. All through the tech world there are those that want just one more detail, and then some, and then come out with their own version remarkably identical to the one "they didn't copy". All along singing out how people have to be open with their ideas or we will never progress, just because they aren't smart enough to do anything other than borrow when convenient themselves. So Sad. 

               Jim   }


            Anyhow, back to real COLD FUSION, and yes I still have some info that I have promised not to release, but the band wagon is really getting jumped on in the meantime and back room chatter is exploding everywhere. (Whisper, you heard it here first) , any how the original Cold fusion experimentors are back in the news after their research has been unconditionally confirmed and is being accepted by most now as fact. This after 20 years of ridicule by the scientific community!!! They really got hit hard by the status quo back in the 80's. Now they are being accepted, but it's a little late. As I have mentioned before, something more advanced is on the way, but these early pioneers deserve some recognition, and are getting it. Here are some links to some of the current stories and some of their takes on the situation now with these researchers;




      Mystery  B-)


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       What a coincidence, David Anderson was one of my professors at the UW when I went there. I knew he would catch on to next gen plasma reactors at some point. I always told him the Tokamak would work better turned inside out and he would laugh. Guess he is not laughing now. lol

      --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, "mysterygravity" mysterystevenson1@ wrote:

       There have been more revelations in Cold Fusion, but not all is
       being released at this point. However there have also been some very
       interesting revelations that are public now concerning Plasma, and the
       Potential of Hot or perhaps even "Warm" Fusion. Anyone interested in space technology should perk up with these discoveries. As well there is
      the potential of pollution free energy without radioactive wastes from
       such research. Here is a link to some related work, although hope there
       will soon be more in related areas;
      Also wanted to mention to some of the older members that there have
       been some edits on some links, and data files, that might make a review
      of interest.
      Mystery [B-)]
       --- In gravitationalpropulsionstevenson@yahoogroups.com, Michael Grissom inventorgrissom@> wrote:
      Thanks Jim.. going there now. I'm really interested in
       this. :)

       --- mysterygravity mysterystevenson1@
      I know Gravitational Propulsion is only linked to this subject through a
       subsystem category, however this is a very vital connection. Energy !
       There are major breakthroughs and funds are now being loosened up for
       large scale utilization of the technology. This is reminiscent of
       several other technologies that have been laughed at by scientists and
       then the exact opposite of what scientists have been saying turns out to
       be the truth. A quick scramble ensues by scientists to explain that they
       never meant what it seems like they had been saying. Note there is even
       more recent data being prepared for release and some of the technical
       explanation tends to be moving away from String concepts and there may
       be an eventual new physics theory developed from some of the new realities that are becoming evident.
       --- In
       "mysterygravity" mysterystevenson1@ wrote:
      There have been some recent rumors of Cold Fusion becoming big news. I
       have reviewed some of what is coming and it does sound interesting to
       say the least as a safe alternative energy source would be nice for
       space propulsion systems when they are advanced enough to utilize such
       energies... There was a release some time ago that I also reviewed that
      had to do with using Crystal forms as energy controllers in such a
       fusion reaction, perhaps even as a catalyst itself,
       I will leave a link to that for review for now but expect much more
       very soon... In the mean time expect more in your dreams of harmonies
      between like frequencies of sounds and light and mystery.

       Enjoy the Mystery,and all, 

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