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  • Jim S
    Nov 4, 2010



                                                                                 GRAVITY NEWS 14


      First I want to congratulate Nergis Mavalvala for being chosen as 2010 MacArthur grant recipient of a half million dollars over the next 5 years;

      Nergis Mavalvala, 42, quantum astrophysicist, Cambridge, Mass. Linking optics, condensed matter and quantum mechanics in research that enhances the ability to detect and quantify gravitational radiation.

         This Gravity News will include both news and some older data for review which seems appropriate via recent and current events.Also think it would be a good idea to include a link to the newest post by abelov0927 here in our own forum;


      Escape Velocity


       "According to NASA, it costs $450 million per mission to launch a space shuttle. To overcome this daunting cost various scientists in the public and private sector have researched multiple ways of achieving launch in a more efficient way and researched different types of propulsion."

      The best options for flying to faraway stars


      "If it were possible to move a spacecraft without propellant, the energy requirements drop exponentially. This is where notions of manipulating gravity or inertia come into play.  Such advances would also ultimately allow zero-gravity hotel rooms on Earth as well as crew cabins with artificial gravity for long-duration space missions, plus any number of other revolutionary advancements."

      Einstein's Theory of Relativity Verified with Super Clocks


      "For the test of the gravity effect, they started with one clock 17 centimeters below the other and then raised the first clock by 33 centimeters; they found a 4-parts-in-100-million-billion shift in the frequency of the raised clock."

      U.S. astronomers use cosmic lens to probe dark energy for first time


      "We can now apply our technique to other gravitational lenses," said co-author Priya Natarajan, a cosmologist at Yale University, New Haven, Conn. "We're exploiting a beautiful phenomenon in nature to learn more about the role that dark energy plays in our universe."

      Solar Sails Could Allow New Orbits for Satellites


      "Currently, researchers are studying the possibility of polar stationary orbits for climate-monitoring satellites. Spacecraft would require a continuous low thrust from a hybrid solar sail and electrical propulsion system in order to counteract for the inwards pull of gravity"

      Past spacecraft that explored Jupiter


      "Sending a spacecraft to Jupiter was about the limit of travel back then, due to weight and power constraints.  However, there is something called the "gravitational slingshot effect" that can be harnessed to send spacecraft all the way to Neptune!  How it works is that the Voyager craft would arrive at Jupiter on a certain angle, take advantage of the gravitational field, then slingshot it's way to the next planet which is Saturn.  No additional rocket fuel was required because the power of gravity is being harnessed!  Brilliant indeed!"

      Now leaving the newest of the news to review some somewhat recent papers published by various scientists on related science and theory. There are some experiments which have indicated a minor interaction between electromagnetic fields and gravity as we have talked of in depth in the past, and yet this interaction is extremely feeble. None the less some knowledge may be inferred from such relationships, it may not be the answer we seek but it may aid in the research in this field. Some of this will not be new exactly to some of our older members, but perhaps some has some difference in perspective and hence should be well worth the review, know I enjoyed them.

      Gravitational Field Propulsion

      Here is the link which is about 5Mb, it takes a bit to load if clicked directly, however if you wish you can download by right click and save as;



      "Any current of imaginary electrons or positrons can generate an imaginary vector potential, AI , that can interact
      with imaginary charges to produce a real physical effect. These particles will eventually disappear, because of strict
      charge conservation, and the resulting electromagnetic interaction is converted into a gravitational field. This
      phenomenon might be the cause for the observed extremely strong gravitomagnetic and gravity-like fields in the
      experiments by Tajmar et al."

      An Investigation of Negative Gravitational Propulsion


      "This paper addresses the need for a new model of physics that explains the interaction and coupling of electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields, a unified field theory that can lead to engineering novel space-time craft."

      Asymmetric Gravitational Wave Propulsion System


      "This asymmetric TWGW radiator will create a directional force through the center of mass of the radiating system, thus forming a propellantless propulsion system. "


      Leaving normal science for a break, here's a little something for the paranoid paranormal patrol, enjoy till next time.;)
      (read between the lines)

      CIA's not so 'fair game' of spies, lies, and fMRIs?
      "And now, thanks to the Internet, 'they' are there, with you, whenever, and where ever 'they' wish, whoever they might be."


      Mystery  B-)


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