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227Re: SN; Flying Cars... really ???

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  • Jim S
    Sep 7, 2010


          Just a quick update on Flying Cars:

      After Clearing the FAA, The Terrafugia Flying Car Gets Some Redesign

      "The Terrafugia Transition is definitely a strange model, folks–some call it a flying car with stars in their eyes and a wistful memory of The Jetsons bombing around in that high-altitude antigravity platform of theirs. Others call it a roadable aircraft, a much more utilitarian name for a car that does all this, but still viable. But whatever you call it, it's well on its way to us

      There have been significant redesigns to the fuselage, as you can see from the picture above. And of course, a variety of FAA-approved safety features have been installed for added value. They've altered the wing shape for better flying, improved the wing retraction mechanism, and even added crumple zones in the nose of the plane, just in case you should come down too hard on the landing. "

      And here is a link to a blog on this flying car as well as other links  to other flying cars, enjoy:



      Mystery  B-)

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