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1Rising through a Gravitational Field; GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION !

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  • mysterygravity
    Jul 14, 2006
      Yes this is the return of the same Gravitational Propulsion Yahoo
      Group as Before. However we will restrict disclosure of research to
      private contacts and only use the forum for public disclosure of data
      which we wish to disclose to everyone on Earth. As that is what the
      internet has become, fully public without confidentiality or security
      when it comes to research. But there is a lot that is public that is
      barely known by most researchers and we will be sure and release as
      much data as is possible to help public disclosure of scientific
      knowledge.It's good to be back and this is bound to confuse some that
      thought the group had ended, as it did. Welcome all , and enjoy the
      new "potential"...