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surrender bugs

There were a couple bugs with surrendering: 1. the next player was not able to deploy 2. the game was not scored when 2nd to last player surrendered These
Jan 12, 2011

Re: What features do you want to see?

The changes are now live. Only Canada was added as a new map due to some bugs that I found that I wanted to get fixed up. See the help file for how Assassin
Jan 11, 2011

What features do you want to see?

I'm working in the following features in the next release: 1. Scoring: Winner Takes All, Elimination and Assassin. 2. Weekdays Only games. 3. Pausing games.
Jan 10, 2011

Re: latest update

Done. You are now the highest ranked member with score of 1701. I'm working on the new scoreboard and it should be done soon. I've heard one other user also
Jan 10, 2011

Re: latest update

Hi Bryan, Would it be possible to reinstate my score as well, please? My username is "belouga14". Many thanks. A problem I have is that I cannot see the full
Frederic Doucet
Jan 10, 2011

double click and my games name

Your old friend the double click has returned in the lobby and the my games page. Double click to enter a game. Think of tread on the toes of your mouse I
Jan 6, 2011

The Return of the Old Features

You can now view your completed games. You can now search other player's active and completed games. Unfortunately, I had to delete all completed games because
Jan 5, 2011

CPU usage bug on the client

There was a nice java Swing based CPU usage issue on the client that would consume 50% of your CPU if you were in the lobby or the my games screen. I think
Dec 30, 2010

Message from Stinkfist

Hey Bryan, I noticed when I played a game where the cards are constant that it was allotting 0 armies when turning them in. At least that's what it said, maybe
Justin Marcus
Dec 29, 2010

updates updates updates

The latest round of updates. Three new maps: Brooklyn, Europe and Roman Empire. Two fortification types: Unlimited and Bordering. Active Player graphic in the
Dec 29, 2010

cards not working on older games

Looks like there was an bug with card, where they stop not working on older games, probably games created more than 2 weeks ago or more. The problem is that
Dec 23, 2010

Re: 2 bugs fixed: refresh when browser is minimized and game log

Nope, the refresh issue on the game when played in a browser is still there. :( I just researched an alternate fix for this and should have it pushed out
Dec 23, 2010

Re: latest update

Your score, games completed and game won have been reinstated. I also reinstated Stinkfist by request, who as a Major is the highest ranked player on the new
Dec 23, 2010

2 bugs fixed: refresh when browser is minimized and game log

Two nasty bugs fixed: 1. The game window will now repaint properly when you minimize the browser window and then come back to the game. I never saw this one
Dec 22, 2010

Re: latest update

Greetings,   This is "Bear". Please reinstate my OLD score.   Thanks,   The "Bear"   ... From: bryanbrun Subject: [grandstrategy] Re:
j kuck
Dec 22, 2010
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