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Re: XML Style Sheet?

The words your developer needs to hear is: set the Content-type (MIME) to "application/gpx+xml". This will force the download and potential launch of an
Robert Lipe
Feb 27

XML Style Sheet?

I am NOT a developer but am working with a developer to put up a website that allows our members to download .gpx files. When I try to download from the site,
Feb 27

Value of GPS reported COG for heading.

I am looking for a discussion about the merits of using the GPS reported COG for heading. My app http://raceqs.com/smart-watchis related to yacht racing which
Aug 10, 2016

Re: KML/KMZ to GPX converter/editor

Please note that KML and GPX are intended for totally different data-types: KML aims for static data (points, geometries), while GPX aims for Tracks (dynamic,
Helton Moraes
Aug 7, 2016

KML/KMZ to GPX converter/editor

Have you tried GPSbabel on your files? I normally use it to convert Google Earth paths to tracklogs to upload to GPS for riding/hiking. Going the other way I
Aug 6, 2016

Re: KML/KMZ to GPX converter/editor

GPSBabel has converted between KML and GPX for years. The kinds of files that have to be KMZ (resources for icons, pictures, etc.) tend to not make for very
Robert Lipe
Aug 5, 2016

Re: KML/KMZ to GPX converter/editor

Hello, ... http://www.expertgps.com/ can convert KML and KMZ to and from GPX, and can clean up your tracks and convert them to routes. -- Dan Foster
Dan Foster
Aug 5, 2016

KML/KMZ to GPX converter/editor

Can anyone suggest an editor that can read and edit the latest iteration of KML or KMZ files and also convert them to GPX? Currently Viking just shows the
Hedley Finger
Aug 4, 2016

Re: Thickness and color

Hello, ... Take a look at the GPX extension schemas referenced in the GPX file below, specifically: http://www.topografix.com/GPX/gpx_style/0/2/gpx_style.xsd
Dan Foster
Aug 2, 2016

Re: Thickness and color

... Hi, You have to read the documentation of the software you are using to display them.
Jean-Claude Repetto
Aug 2, 2016

Thickness and color

Hello, How to change the color and thickness of these traces ? Orly
Aug 2, 2016

Re: Set symbol of waypoint

Your question seems to be "What values of are recognized by OSMAnd?" and that's probably best asked of them. My general technique for learning what
Robert Lipe
Mar 24, 2015

Set symbol of waypoint

I am writing data out to a GPX file (with Python code). A waypoint looks like so: Some
Mar 24, 2015

Re: Bounds tag

Hi Chris,Sorry for my misunderstanding. I see the point you made. I'm disappointed for kylekai's issue with Garmen Basecamp. Fortunately, the work around
Chris Pauley
Mar 20, 2015

Re: Bounds tag

Hi Chris, Thanks for that, but if you read over the thread again, you'll notice that I never said (two tags), but instead just
Chris Stephenson
Mar 20, 2015
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