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13938Adding recovery information to arhab.org

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  • excitontx
    May 5, 2014
      Like many of you, I am a big fan of the arhab.org website.  It provides a great opportunity to announce upcoming launches as well as review past flight activity.

      I thought it would be quite useful if each flight entry also included an indication of whether the payload had been recovered.  This would give more visibility to the community concerning how many payloads are being recovered, and also give those hearty soles that love a challenge an opportunity to find the unrecovered payloads.  Maybe the poster could even offer rewards for recovered payloads within the same entry. 

      The down side of this feature is that the poster must go back and add further information to his posting after the flight.  However, I imagine that Keith could find a simple interface such that the poster would only have to check a box or two.  I think this would provide useful and interesting information to the site, and be worth the small extra effort.

      What are your thoughts?
      Chuck / KG5CA