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13925SPI Balloon launched today from Kennard Indiana Elementary may be very long duration

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  • wb8elk
    Apr 17, 2014
      Just launched a balloon this morning from Kennard Elementary in Indiana. There is a FindMeSpot and one of my Iridium payloads onboard for tracking.

      The Iridium payload sends me an email with the position data and I have written a program to parse that and send it to the APRS-IS servers so it shows up on APRS. FI under the callsign of WB8ELK-14 every 5 minutes.

      Also there is a 20 milliwatt 434.000 MHz USB transmitter sending out 110 baud RTTY signals with my callsign: WB8ELK   It typically shows up on USB around 433.998 MHz but will drift up and down in frequency a bit. This is using one of those RFM22B modules for the transmitter.

      Unfortunately it appears that there isn't much lift in the balloon as it is going up at 252 ft/min so this could be about a 6 hour flight and is now predicted to land Southwest of Cleveland near the town of Oberlin, Ohio.

      We are using a 600 gram balloon so I'm not too worried that it will achieve a float condition even though it is in the ascent rate level to allow a float condition with larger balloons.

      Let me know if anyone in north central or NE Ohio is able to chase our balloon when it gets near to the area later this afternoon.

      To summarize:  APRS via Iridium email:  WB8ELK-14
      Telemetry:   434.000 MHz 110 baud ASCII RTTY  8 bits no parity 1 stop bit using FL-Digi.
      FindMeSpot:  http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0PaeAGqPQgPrdc7142H0tjHUS3cD8EWiY

      - Bill WB8ELK
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