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13920Fwd: Re: [GPSL] RDF beacon

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  • Alan Adamson
    Apr 16, 2014
      Sorry, forgot to reply to the list ... duh.


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      Subject: Re: [GPSL] RDF beacon
      Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:13:21 -0400

      if wanting some flexibility with frequency, band, power, modulation, etc.

      I did this little board a while back, it plugs into an Arduino Pro Mini
      (show with my STM32F3mini clone - same feature/function/pinout as a
      ProMini, but 72mhz, 256k flash, etc).

      Anyway, creating a sketch for Arduino would be pretty easy as the Si446x
      library already exists.

      That's a 119-1050 mhz, frequency agile radio board with up to 20dbm
      (100mW) output power, supports, digital and analog modes. I used a VCXO
      on it so that you could modulate it either as FM, or SSB.


      Anyway, just another idea. It's a 3v3 design that draws about 100ma at
      100% duty cycle at 20dbm.

      I'd have to look at the BOM again, but if memory serves me, it's only
      about $12.00 to build.

      *NOTE* the Low Pass Filter on the output is tuned for the specific band,
      so while technically the radio is frequency agile across the above
      range, the LPF will limit you to certain bands/frequencies.