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  • david_quinley
    Please review the three proposed models for the New State Student Senate. They were created with input from all 10 regions. Please forward your preferred
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Please review the three proposed models for the New State Student
      Senate. They were created with input from all 10 regions. Please
      forward your preferred choice prior to December 17, 2005 (the next
      meeting of the interim senate). There remains plenty of room for the
      models to be augmented, so send comments or questions to:

      Melvin Douglass Haywood, Pres.

      Associated Students Of Laney College

      510-464-3535 office

      510-517-5060 cell


      Kory White, Pres.

      Santa Rosa Junior College


      Model A – Regional Model>>

      > >

      ath o:connecttype="rect" gradientshapeok="t">ath>Local Senators (218)

      109 college student governments each select 1 Representative and 1
      Alternate to attend regional meetings. >>

      The number of regions and the colleges in each to be determined at a
      future time. >>

      > >

      Regional Meetings >>

      Both representatives participate in regional meetings. Only 1 vote
      is allowed per college. >>

      Each region elects two Senators to the state student senate and
      forwards nominations for students to serve on advisory committees.>>

      > >

      State Senate >>

      State Senate meets once a month during at least 10 months of the year
      to discuss issues affecting students. Executive Officers will be
      elected from and by the members of the Senate. >>

      Meetings will be televised and webcast via (CCCSAT).>>

      > >

      Executive Officers>>

      The Executive Officers will consist of officers to be defined. The
      chair will be rotated among the Executive Officers. An advisor is
      recognized as an officer, but will neither vote nor serve as
      chair. >>

      The Executive Officers appoints members to committees and task forces
      created by the System Office (Executive Officer members are exempt
      from serving on these committees). Nominations are forwarded from
      the Regions.>>

      > >

      The Executive Officers reports to the State Senate to provide updates
      on developments and identify issues. >>

      Model B - Academic Senate Model>>

      > >

      Local Senators (109)>>

      109 college student governments each select a member to be their
      Senator delegate to the statewide Student Senate.>>

      > >

      Area/Caucus Meetings>>

      Senators meet in area meetings two/three weeks before the two
      statewide senate meetings. These meetings are open to anyone.
      Areas/Caucuses still need to be defined. Areas review resolutions
      from the Executive Board and from local senates.>>

      > >

      The Senators meet in fall and spring general sessions. Workshops and
      presentations are held on issues relevant to the students.>>

      General Sessions (109)>>

      Resolutions coming from the Executive Board, the area meetings or
      from the first day of the general session are voted on by 1 Senator
      per college on the last day of the general session.>>

      These resolutions, if approved, set the policies and positions of
      the student senate. The Senators also elect the members of the
      Executive Board at the general session. >>

      > >

      > >

      Executive Board (23)>>

      The Executive Board consists of seven officers (President, Vice-
      President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, Legislative,
      Parliamentarian) plus 10 area representatives, plus two Northern
      reps, two Southern reps, and two at-large reps.>>

      The Executive Board completes the work or delegates the work stemming
      from the general session.>>

      The Executive Board appoints students to represent the Student Senate
      in the Consultation Council, to committees and task forces created by
      the System Office, and before the Board of Governors.>>

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

      Model C –Senate Council Model>>

      > >

      > >

      > >

      Student Delegation (109)>>

      109 college student governments meet 2 times per year. Once to
      select 1 Senator and 1 Alternate to Senate Council body to appoint
      members to statewide committees, and nominate Board of Governors
      student representatives for Governor's Office consideration. >>

      Senate Council is to be comprised of at least five colleges per
      area. For assumption purposes, 22 Senators and 22 Alternates will be
      used for consideration (5 colleges per area). >>

      > >

      > >

      Senate Council (65)>>

      Two area Senators participate in meetings, however, only one vote is
      allowed per area. >>

      Approximately 21 Committee representatives (System Office standing
      committees) join with the 44 Senators in Senate Council. (65

      > >

      Meet once a month during at least 10 months of the year to discuss
      issues affecting students and pass resolutions. Advise the System
      Office as needed. Disseminate information to and from areas. >>

      > >


      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

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