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Re: [govtrack] AroundTheCapitol.com

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  • Scott Lay
    I m in full agreement that a common format would be beneficial and would be happy to help work on defining it. I have four categories of visitors to
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2005
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      I'm in full agreement that a common format would be beneficial and would
      be happy to help work on defining it. I have four categories of
      visitors to AroundTheCapitol.com 1) California legislative/political
      insiders that use it several times per week; 2) politically interested
      citizens that monitor developments (such as the "bench" of future
      candidates), 3) people that land via a search engine to find some facts
      or two, and 4) policy people from across the country looking for
      California information affecting their policy arena.

      Imagine one database of federal and state legislation searchable by
      anyone, fed by feeds served by those of us in our respective states. It
      would be truly powerful and would meet the needs of trade associations,
      businesses and various other people. Of course, StateNet would freak
      out, but they already are over these sites.

      Anyway, that's just my morning thought for the day.


      Joshua Tauberer / GovTrack wrote:

      > Hey, Scott. Welcome to the list.
      > To everyone-- I apologize for letting the momentum slow down on the
      > list. I've been pretty busy lately, but also I'm not sure what the next
      > thing to do is. I'd like to try actually getting information posted on
      > the web in a common format, actually sharing some information.
      > But someone has to have a real use for the information once its posted
      > or it's all pretty pointless. Chris, you and I should talk some more.
      > --
      > - Joshua Tauberer
      > http://taubz.for.net
      > ** Nothing Unreal Exists **
      > Scott Lay wrote:
      > > Good evening. I finally ran across this list and some of the posts
      > > from the last couple of months about my site, AroundTheCapitol.com.
      > >
      > > Sorry I haven't attended to the issues until now, but this hobby site
      > > has gobbled up a lot of time (as they often do).
      > >
      > > Anyway, I'm working on XML feeds for the legislative and elections
      > > information on AroundTheCapitol.com. The barriers are the
      > > not-so-friendly formats of data available from the state of
      > > California, the other wishlist demands from AroundTheCapitol.com
      > > users, and my own personal time (I'm still a full-time lobbyist).
      > >
      > > I'm a huge fan of the ideals of this group and truly believe in doing
      > > whatever possible to make government information possible to everyone.
      > > I welcome your thoughts about ensuring that the information gathered
      > > on AroundTheCapitol is broadly available.
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