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FYI: Workshop on Legislative XML 2008

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  • Harvey S. Frey
    *************************************************** WORKSHOP ON LEGISLATIVE XML 2008 the Law in the Semantic Web and beyond December 10th, 2008 Law Faculty,
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      the Law in the Semantic Web and beyond

      December 10th, 2008
      Law Faculty, University of Florence (Italy)
      within JURIX 2008 Conference (10-13 December 2008)


      - Radboud Winkels, Leibniz Center for Law, University of Amsterdam
      - Enrico Francesconi, ITTIG-CNR, Institute of Legal Information Theory
      and Techniques, Italian National Research Council, Florence
      - Alexander Boer, Leibniz Center for Law, University of Amsterdam
      - Rinke Hoekstra, Leibniz Center for Law, University of Amsterdam
      - Monica Palmirani, CIRSFID, University of Bologna
      - Giovanni Sartor, European University Institute, Fiesole

      Academics, public administrations, publishers, companies in the field of
      IT and Law

      Paper presentations followed by discussion

      Increasingly, legal documents are available electronically, but in a
      great variety of formats, published by different organizations, in
      different countries, jurisdictions, legal traditions and languages. They
      use different ways to refer internally and externally to other (legal)
      documents, their versioning information and other metadata differ, if
      present at all, etc. This makes it very hard to design and build generic
      software that enables access and provides services based on these
      sources. Semantic Web technology seems the obvious vehicle to tackle
      these problems.

      This workshop wants to bring together people working on applying
      Semantic Web technology to solve practical and theoretical problems in
      the (para)legal field.

      Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

           * Specific representation formalisms or standards for the legal
      field based on Semantic Web standards and technology (XML, URI's, RDF,
      OWL, etc.)
           * Legal Ontologies and applications using them
           * Metadata for sources of law
           * Conceptualizations of the domain of legal drafting and its products
           * Web 2.0 applications in the legal domain
           * Models of processes inside sources of law
           * Mashup in the legal field, content aggregation, integrating
      legacy databases, etc.
           * eGovernment as Web services (e.g. based on WSML, OWL-S, WSDL)

      Time Schedule:
      Deadline submission position papers: 16th November 2008
      Notification of acceptance: 23rd November 2008
      Papers should be submitted in pdf format (maximum of 5000 words) through
      the Easychair Conference Management System, at:
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