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Re: [govtrack] BioGuide Data

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  • Joshua Tauberer
    ... Great, thanks. I ll look over that in a bit. ... So... in fact, RDF probably isn t what you think it is (I m guessing you have RSS feeds in mind),
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2005
      Bill Farrell wrote:
      > No problem. You can download the whole CONGRESS file (or any selected portion thereof) from http://pythia.progressivenation.net/modules/tinycontent3/index.php?id=15

      Great, thanks. I'll look over that in a bit.

      > I'm not sure what publishing the entirety (or any portion) using RDF would be appropriate, except for publishing updates. RDF is great for publishing changes, but it's really rotten for query-and-retrieval.

      So... in fact, RDF probably isn't what you think it is (I'm guessing you
      have RSS feeds in mind), although the two are often related.

      To me, RDF is the technical solution to the problem that's brought us to
      this mail list. But, RDF is complicated and not well known or
      understood (I'm still learning a lot day by day). Worse yet, I haven't
      come across any websites that do a good job of explaining what RDF is
      and where it should be used over other formats.

      As a result, I'm working on writing a good (I hope) explanation of RDF.
      Should be done in a few days, and I'll post it then.

      > I've seen that OGDEX is having a hard day or two. Oh, the joys of getting a site running :-) Do you need server space with MySQL?

      OGDEX.com seems to be back. Thanks for the offer, but actually
      DemocracyInAction hosts the site and I don't think they have any
      shortage of resources.

      > I'd hate to be duplicating something someone else has already done

      Yeah, and I've done a lot at the federal level. :)

      > We all might best to think of the entire project as a widely-networked but closely-normalized data cube... the details being in one URI or another for any particular segment. I think this view will allow better and more diverse analysis of any particular stratum of interest, allowing the consumers of one particular portal to frame their mining operations one way, whilst consumers of another site might frame their mining operations somewhat differently -- but everyone relies on known normalized stores. The only thing we'd need would be a queryable location to find URI's of interest.

      You're describing exactly what RDF is meant to do. Stay tuned. :)

      - Joshua Tauberer


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