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Celebrate Sunshine Week

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  • Josh Tauberer
    Please see below. In particular Larry Lessig will debut his Change Congress agenda tomorrow. I have a hunch we ll see a new geographic mash-up. :) It will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2008
      Please see below. In particular Larry Lessig will debut his Change
      Congress agenda tomorrow. I have a hunch we'll see a new geographic
      mash-up. :)

      It will be webcast, at 1:30pm.

      Stay tuned for yet *another* cool maps mashup related to electronic
      voting machines, to be published hopefully in a couple of weeks.


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      Subject: Celebrate Sunshine Week
      Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 01:09:01 +1100
      From: Sunlight Foundation <gschneider@...>

      Dear Sunlighter,

      This week is Sunshine Week, a national initiative organized by the
      American Society of Newspaper Editors to open a dialogue about the
      importance of open government and public information access.
      As the nation considers what an open government means, we are
      continuing to encourage Congress to become more transparent.
      Here are some recommendations from Sunlight:
      I hope you join in with your thoughts via a blog post, or a call
      to your member of Congress.

      In commemoration of Sunshine Week, we are participating in two
      events dedicated to promoting a more open government. We invite
      you to join us, and for those of you who can't make it to
      Washington, DC, we encourage you to watch the webcasts of
      the events.

      Today, in conjunction with Open the Government, Greg Elin of
      Sunlight Labs will moderate a panel to demonstrate new ways
      nonprofitshave made government data open and useful to the public.
      Panelists include:
      * Sheila Krumholz of Center for Responsive Politics
      * David Moore of OpenCongress.org
      * Sean Moulton of FedSpending.org
      * Daniel X. O'Neil of EveryBlock

      The sites they'll demonstrate make hard-to-find government
      information -- federal, state and local -- easy for you to find
      and use. Details, including registration for webcast:
      (The registration page is the same page you'll visit to view
      the webcast.)

      On Thursday, March 20, Sunlight and Omidyar Network will host a
      press briefing featuring Lawrence Lessig, who will announce the
      launch of his new "Change Congress" project. Lessig, renowned
      expert in intellectual property and founder of Creative Commons,
      recently changed his mission to combat the influence of money in
      American democracy. The details about the event, including the
      webcast link, are here:

      This Sunshine Week, you can shine a light on Congress with help
      from Sunlight grantee Capitol News Connection, a public radio
      producer. Help CNC's journalists keep lawmakers on their toes
      using its new Ask Your Lawmaker widget
      http://www.askyourlawmaker.org/. The widget makes it easy to
      submit questions you want members of Congress to answer. CNC
      award-winning public radio journalists track down lawmakers,
      microphone in hand, and get the MP3 audio answers. You listen,
      comment and share! You can even get auto-generated embed code to
      use the answers in your blog. Help keep Congress accountable --
      upload the widget and tell all your friends! Give CNC reporters
      the ability to say to the Speaker or a Committee chairman, "This
      question comes to you from 9593 people in 27 states." They pay a
      lot of attention when they know you care!

      Happy Sunshine Week,

      Gabriela Schneider
      Communications Director

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