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Re: [govtrack] Data changes

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  • Josh Tauberer
    ... S. 1257. But, I missed the precise language in the bill you mentioned (S. 2061/108: Cloture motion on the motion to proceed ) which is why that didn t get
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 28, 2007
      Neil Drumm wrote:
      > On 9/20/07, Josh Tauberer <tauberer@...> wrote:
      >> Two quick notes about data changes:
      >> In bill XML files, Senate votes on cloture motions had been parsed as
      >> "vote" nodes since failed cloture motions usually mean a bill's death.
      >> This is technically not true. They are now parsed as vote-aux nodes
      >> (along with conference report votes) and the type attribute indicates
      >> whether it is a cloture vote. (Existing bill files are in the process of
      >> being updated for this change now.)
      > Do you have an example of a bill which has been updated?

      S. 1257. But, I missed the precise language in the bill you mentioned
      (S. 2061/108: "Cloture motion on the motion to proceed") which is why
      that didn't get parsed right in the new way. All of those bills are
      parsed now as vote-aux too.

      Plus it looks like I'm only parsing failed cloture motion votes...

      >> Also, I've now corrected the Recent Votes feed on the site to use my
      >> MySQL index of votes, rather than the votes.all.index.xml file which was
      >> only getting updated twice a day (following a recent change). That means
      >> that I will probably want to discontinue the votes.all.index.xml file to
      >> simplify things on my end.
      > What is the best way to find every vote associated with a bill? I have
      > vote actions and amendments working. I think there are others missing.
      > For example, the vote listed at
      > http://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes.xpd?bill=s108-2061 is listed as
      > an action element in
      > http://www.govtrack.us/data/us/108/bills/s2061.xml, but does not have
      > a roll attribute.

      It's easier for me to parse what bill is related to a vote (which is
      done reliably) than what vote is related to a bill, because the language
      in THOMAS varies between vote types. So for a complete list, you have to
      start from the votes angle.

      Go to a bill page, follow the Show All Related Votes link (relatively
      new), and on the votes page use the XML Download link at the top, which
      is basically a REST API for getting the votes related to a bill.

      - Josh Tauberer


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      falsehood when preceded by its quotation!" Achilles to
      Tortoise (in "Gödel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter)
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