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Re: [govtrack] RE: Local/State Gov

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  • Joshua Tauberer / GovTrack
    ... Hello, and thanks! I m not sure how much intrigue there could be about GovTrack, unless you think I might have some ulterior profit motives. My intent was
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 29, 2005
      directaction wrote:
      > I'm glad I found this site and am intrigued by the intent of the
      > originators. Congratulations to this fine organization and its'
      > recent award.

      Hello, and thanks!

      I'm not sure how much intrigue there could be about GovTrack, unless you
      think I might have some ulterior profit motives. My intent was to
      create what you see now on the site. That's basically it.

      > I hope that your organization can make good use of the current
      > opportunity to protect and enhance the citizen.

      That's the general idea.

      > Your group can go one of three ways: your proposal, which looks to be
      > headed in a generally good direction;

      Not sure what proposal you're refering to. If you mean the 'long-term
      mission' box on the main page of the site, it's a good direction, yeah...

      > or you could go in the direction of profiting from what I think is an
      > enormous amount of power and influence by closing off access to any
      > real information

      Well, that's not my intention. That will become clearer in the next few
      months as I work on open standards for sharing information.

      > I've managed campaigns all over the country, and for more than 25 years
      > now, and will gladly help anyone with any information they need and
      > which I might know something about.

      I'm sure people will appreciate that.

      > Open access to all data which government compiles and/or manages is a
      > hot debate being openly conducted ...
      > and suddenly find that we gave away all kinds of data which is NO
      > ONE's business just because we thought we were doing the right thing

      That type of information is far beyond the scope of this mail list. All
      we're concerned about here is legislative records that are already a
      matter of public record and, for the most part, already accessible on
      the Internet.

      > I suggest that you start with a review and analysis of all those
      > individuals and groups who for so long have been doing or attempting
      > to do what you now propose

      Well, as if I have time to do a careful review and analysis of anything. :)

      > And let's all of us also identify the people and groups who are or
      > likely will be MISUSING that same opportunity.

      I can't disagree more. I have absolutely no concerns about whether
      people might misuse the data I publish. Given the type of information
      that I'm dealing with, there's simply no harm, without deliberate
      misuse, in publishing the truth. And, the same for the other types of
      information we've been talking about on this list.

      > If I can answer any questions or add anything of use to someone, I
      > will be glad to help. Let's keep it open and only keep what we have
      > a right to possess.

      Last time I checked, we've got a right to all of the information that
      we've ever talked about here. One might say more than a right to
      possess it, a duty to publish it.

      - Joshua Tauberer


      ** Nothing Unreal Exists **
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