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Conference on Local E-Democracy

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  • Lucy Barber
    [apologies if everyone already knows about this one] This conference was publicized on another listserve -- I thought some of you all might be interested:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2005
      [apologies if everyone already knows about this one]
      This conference was publicized on another listserve -- I thought some of you all might be interested:

      Subject: Intl Symposium on Local E-Democracy - 26-27 July 2005 -

      Minneapolis, USA

      From: "Steven Clift" <slc@...>



      Please pass this one to anyone in research, government, NGO, or media

      "e-participation" circles that you think would benefit from a chance to

      network with their global peers.


      Steven Clift

      P.S. If you know of good local e-democracy projects in your country, add

      them to our wiki:



      --Conference Announcement - Please Circulate--


      International Symposium on Local E-Democracy July 26-27, 2005 - Minneapolis,

      Minnesota, USA http://dowire.org/localedem


      The International Symposium on Local E-Democracy is a dynamic conference exploring leading e-democracy trends around the world. The next day, a field trip to the "wired" chambers of the Minnesota State Legislature and Northfield, Minnesota's community blogging efforts along with traveling color commentary will bring one of birthplaces of "e-democracy" to life.

      This is the world's first international conference focused specifically on local e-democracy. We expect representatives of a number of government, non-profit, research, and civic organisations to attend. If you are interested in improving governance and citizen participation in the information age, this conference is for you.

      The symposium is sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the United Kingdom and the UK Local e-Democracy National Project along with other partners.

      * Register Today - Full Conference Details


      Or sign-up for future conference e-mail updates:


      * Plenary Themes

      The following panels are being developed:

      - Informed Elections - From e-voting to voter education online

      - E-Government and Democracy - Leading e-democracy practices in governance and civic education

      - Local Citizens and Community Online - Citizen e-activism, local blogging, and media online

      We promise short presentations with an emphasis on interactive discussion.

      * Small Group Sessions and Networking

      Small group sessions, proposed via the conference "wiki" website by conference participants, provide an interactive opportunity for discussion of diverse topics.

      We expect 50 to 100 participants. Extensive opportunities for networking among practitioners, experts, and researchers will be provided. This includes a "tailgating" pre-conference event with E-Democracy.Org the evening of Monday, July 25 at a St. Paul Saints outdoor minor league baseball game.

      * 60 Second Pitch

      Do you have an e-democracy project, idea, technology, etc. that you want to share? Up to 20 speakers will have one minute to powerfully communicate their e-democracy message.

      * Stay Tuned

      The final agenda and list of speakers and small group sessions will be released on the conference website:


      * Cost and Hotel

      The fee for the conference is a modest $125 US (~70 GBP, 102 Euros). The enrolled student rate is $75 US.

      This will cover your symposium participation and the luncheon. For those joining us on the field trip, transportation will be provided at no additional cost.

      The pre-conference baseball event will be $15.

      Hotel accommodation in Minneapolis, with free Wi-Fi Internet access, is available at the special conference rate of $99 plus tax per night just a couple blocks away from our conference location, the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota.

      Please use the conference website to register and reserve your accommodations:


      * Receive E-mail Updates - Note Your Interest

      If you plan to attend or are not quite ready to register, please sign-up to receive conference announcements.

      Simply e-mail:


      * Contact Us

      To contact the conference team, e-mail:


      * Additional Details and Link

      About Minnesota - Plan a Minne-vacation


      Transportation Advice


      Propose Small Group Sessions


      Highlights from the Global E-Democracy Best Practices Work


      UK Local E-Democracy National Project


      Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


      Steven Clift - http://publicus.net - Reply to: clift@... Join

      DoWire: http://dowire.org

      E-Democracy: http://e-democracy.org

      Lucy Barber
      author of Marching on Washington: The Forging of an American Political Tradition (University of California Press) Now in paperback:
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