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90Re: [govtrack] Proposed URIs for Congressional Things

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  • Joshua Tauberer / GovTrack
    Mar 18, 2005
      Thanks, Bill, for working on the bioguide scraping. It looks good.

      Bill Farrell wrote:

      > The only counter to the don't-normalize proposition I can offer is
      > that Millender-McDonald is absolutely not the same as

      I was thinking more about displaying the field to users down the line.
      If all you have is the uppercase version, you can't display it in normal
      case to a user. The normal cased version has to stick around if you
      ever want it displayed.

      This goes to the larger issue of normalization. Normalization is
      exactly the process of removing information that is extraneous to a
      particular task. But, removing information is exactly the opposite of
      what we want to do: bring together lots and lots of information.

      - Joshua Tauberer


      ** Nothing Unreal Exists **
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