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480RE: [govtrack] Launching a New Site

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  • Jeff Fischer
    Feb 28, 2008
      It may end up being an interesting competition then.

      From: jeffreymfischer@...
      To: tay199@...
      Subject: RE: [govtrack] Launching a New Site
      Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 08:41:20 -0800

      I was hoping nobody would mention facebook.  My previous comment was slightly out of frustration because I've already been in development working on the exact same concept except on facebook.
      I *am* a domestic SQL Server/.NET developer (ex-Microsoft, 7 years).  So, seeing you get to market prior to me is a slight frustration. ;-)  Whomever did the site looks like they did a fairly comprehensive job.  Although, there are several things I can see that I would have done differently or would make enhancements.
      If I can complete my facebook app, you'll have fierce competition.  Hopefully you didn't spend too much money on the India development. 

      Just to show you there's no hard feelings, have you seen the IE javascript bug on your site that maxes out the CPU?  I haven't looked into it in detail, but I'm using IE ver 7.0.5370.11.  It doesn't repro in Firefox.  Here are the repro steps:
      Go to http://www.govit.com in IE 7.
      Scroll down part way on the page to the "House of Representatives" control on the right side of the page.
      Hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc, go to the Processes tab of Task Manager.
      Click the CPU column header to sort the processes in descending order of CPU consumption and notice iexplore.exe at >50%.
      Hopefully they designed the backend of the application to scale out.  If you're projecting the success I am, you'll need to scale it out quickly.  Then again, that's a good problem to have.  Although, without tapping into a massive user base like facebook you're application won't have the potential to grow exponentially.  If there's any chance you would consider partnering on development, I'm very passionate about the topic and in the process of growing my own custom development company here in Washington.
      Sorry for the terse comment initially.  You can imagine it was a disappointment having already invested time/energy into the project.

      To: govtrack@yahoogroups.com
      From: dale@...
      Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 01:16:12 -0800
      Subject: Re: [govtrack] Launching a New Site

      looks cool ...its good to see a site pushing the concept of direct
      democracy ;) ... i suggest doing a version as a facebook app ;)


      tay199 wrote:
      > I'm launching my site govit.com.
      > It's similar to govtrack.us, having legislation. New features are
      > voting on legislation, and sending your vote directly to your
      > representatives (I think that's the really cool feature).
      > I got the idea when I tried to contact my reps about the Net
      > Neutrality Bill. I got frustrated that I didn't know who my reps
      > where, how to contact them... I just wished it could all be easier...
      > so I made govit.
      > I found govtrack.us along the way and really appreciate the
      > inspiration, and tips I've received you've given me.
      > Hope you like it, and any feedback is greatly appreciated :)
      > Thank you,
      > Taylor Norrish

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