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467Re: [govtrack] Launching a New Site

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  • Josh Tauberer
    Feb 27, 2008
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      tay199 wrote:
      > It's similar to govtrack.us, having legislation. New features are
      > voting on legislation, and sending your vote directly to your
      > representatives (I think that's the really cool feature).
      > I got the idea when I tried to contact my reps about the Net
      > Neutrality Bill. I got frustrated that I didn't know who my reps
      > where, how to contact them... I just wished it could all be easier...
      > so I made govit.
      > I found govtrack.us along the way and really appreciate the
      > inspiration, and tips I've received you've given me.
      > Hope you like it, and any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

      Nicely done!

      - Josh Tauberer
      - GovTrack.us


      "Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation! Yields
      falsehood when preceded by its quotation!" Achilles to
      Tortoise (in "Godel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter)
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