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310Re: [govtrack] Re: Are you using GovTrack data?

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  • Marjorie Roswell
    May 4, 2007
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      This is fabulous.

      On 5/3/07, Kevin Henry <k@...> wrote:

      Hey Josh, et al.

      I put up a site a few days ago: Where a Bill becomes a Law
      (http://www.whereabill.org/). It's basically a clone of Google's
      driving directions, except that it tracks the steps a bill has taken
      through Congress. It's meant to be sort of a fun and educational way
      of seeing a bill's history. It's still rudimentary, but you will get
      the idea.

      I am using:
      - the bill status data (/data/us/*/bills/*.xml)
      - the roll vote data (/data/us/*/rolls/*.xml)
      - the people database (/data/us/110/repstats/people.xml)
      - the popularity listing (/data/us/bills.technorati.xml)
      - the search service (www.govtrack.us/congress/billsearch_api.xpd)

      Thanks, Josh, for providing the data.


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