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299Re: [govtrack] Two Project Ideas

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  • Nancy Berry
    Mar 27, 2007
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      I went in and registered...easy, and then went into bills...great work!
      Nancy Berry

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      From: Josh Tauberer <tauberer@...>
      To: govtrack@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2007 5:52:17 PM
      Subject: Re: [govtrack] Two Project Ideas

      Andrew Badr wrote:

      > http://federallink. org/ <http://federallink. org/>
      > There are several aspects of the site that aren't ready for public
      > consumption, like the long lists of data and overall ugliness, but I
      > want to get some feedback, starting with you fine folks on the govtrack
      > mailing list.
      > Beyond feedback, I'm looking for permanent help with coding, design, or
      > establishing relationships with advocacy groups.

      Hey, Andrew.

      (Btw, apparently we know someone in common. Small world...)

      The site looks great. I look forward to being able to link from GovTrack
      to FederalLink (and hopefully to include some stats from your site on

      When you correlate the patterns of two advocacy groups, how do you
      select which groups to show (given the one the user is looking at)?

      I'd love to see some graphical representations of the data (the same way
      I made my political spectrum, for instance).

      - Josh Tauberer

      http://razor. occams.info

      "Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation! Yields
      falsehood when preceded by its quotation!" Achilles to
      Tortoise (in "Gödel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter)

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