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253RE: [govtrack] Two Project Ideas

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  • Joe Germuska
    Nov 7, 2006
      At 7:53 AM -0800 11/7/06, Steve Andersen wrote:
      >Unfortunately, I can't give you a URL as it's a password protected app.

      Why is it password protected? Is it not possible
      to have something like that public without it
      being "poisoned"? (I ask honestly.) Or was it
      more a "we're just getting started, so let's keep
      it in the family."

      >We built our project on Plone, the open source content management
      >system. In Oregon, the bill status is provided in machine readable form
      >every night, so we don't have to do any pdf trickery.

      Good for Oregon! Where are these documents served? Do other states do this?


      Joe Germuska
      Joe@... * http://blog.germuska.com

      "The truth is that we learned from João forever to be out of tune."
      -- Caetano Veloso
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