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247RE: [govtrack] Two Project Ideas

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  • John DeBruyn
    Nov 6, 2006
      Hi Joshua:
      Two great projects ... what a horse race. 
      Project 2 will likely pick up more buzz in the blogosphere and in the press than project 1. 
      One is probably as vital, if not more so, than 2, over the long haul.  Howver, somebody else is likely to do 2.  As a consquence doing 2 first as an adjunct of GoVTrack will do more to get GovTrack the additinal attention and traffic that it deserves. I would also surmize that project 2 would invove more time and expense and that is another reason to deffer until GovTrack gains more steam. 
      Keep up the good work,   
      Thanks for all that you are doing,
      John DeBruyn Denver CO USA
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      Andrew Badr wrote:

      > I'm already working Project 2 :)

      When can we all expect to see a demo? :)

      But, seriously, that's great. Keep us all posted.

      - Joshua Tauberer

      http://razor. occams.info

      "Strike up the klezmer and start acting like a man. You're
      about to have a truth-mitzvah. " -- The Colbert Report

      Andrew Badr wrote:
      > I'm already working Project 2 :)
      > On 11/4/06,
      *Joshua Tauberer / GovTrack.us* <tauberer@govtrack. us
      <mailto:tauberer@govtrack. us>> wrote:
      > In case anyone on the list is bored and wants to work on
      a project that
      > would be really useful, I want to extract two ideas out
      of the current
      > read-the-bill thread. (And since GovTrack has a moderate
      surplus at the
      > moment, I could potentially fund one.)
      Project 1 - Version Tracking Bills
      > Given two PDF versions of a
      bill (such as the bill as it was introduced
      > and then as it was after
      being reported by a committee, or in the case
      > in the other thread, as it
      was after being passed by the Senate and then
      > again after it was
      following the conference committee), what are the
      > additions, removals,
      and changes that were made?
      > The idea is to have the effect of
      combining the Linux tools pdftotext
      > and diff, but better. Or, to tweak
      that process so that the output is
      > actually useful for a regular
      > Project 2 - Collecting Advocacy Positions
      > I want to display on GovTrack the positions of advocacy
      groups/individuals on particular bills. What I need is a way for
      independent organizations/ individuals to enter their positions on
      bills/amendments/ votes (support/oppose/ ambivalent + comment), or to
      > import their positions from e.g. blog entries, so that they end up in
      > common data format to be displayed on GovTrack (and any other site
      > wants to display it). This would entail creating a small
      > --
      > - Joshua Tauberer
      href="http://razor.occams.info">http://razor. occams.info <http://razor. occams.info>
      > "Strike up the klezmer and start acting like a man. You're
      about to have a truth-mitzvah. " -- The Colbert Report

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